Are Refugees Healthy?

Those fleeing the Syrian civil war could be carrying pathogens that are rare in the West.

Most of the critical comments in the press—and almost all of the hostile insinuations from our politicians—about the arrival of refugees from the Middle East have focused on the newcomers’ Islamic faith. The persistent question being asked is, “What are the implications of a growth in the numbers of Muslims in our country?” This might be a legitimate concern, but it’s obscuring immediate issues about the health of these refugees. That subject is either ignored or presented in hysterical terms.

  • Blacksmith

    One of the many ways the pisslamist will wreak havoc on our society, bring in diseases eradicated in the civilized world. Come to think of it pisslam is a disease and this is just one more way.

  • FactsWillOut

    If we took in only the Christian refugees from these places, they too would carry the same pathogens.

  • Hard Little Machine

    You say plague like it’s a bad thing. What’s the worst that happens? Jeremy Corbyn blames it on the Jews?