22 toxic days for Hillary Clinton


The final three weeks should have been an anxious but happy time for a Hillary Clinton team on the cusp of making history.

Her odds of victory, according to most prediction experts, sit north of 80 percent, and she has solidified modest but durable leads over Donald Trump in most battleground states.

But Clinton’s final sprint has become a joyless, nail-gnawing slog through Trump Tower’s moat of mudslinging — and the day-to-day worries of WikiLeaks’ dump of internal emails from campaign chairman John Podesta’s hacked account is taking a toll.

If you want weapons-grade lies, denial, and victimhood, here it is. “Stolen emails”, “hacked”, “illegal”, “Russian psy-ops” and “Trump’s self-immolation” all make appearances, but there’s nary a word about the unsavory and unlawful activities that the emails and Trump’s accusations reveal. The last sentences of the article is the most telling: “But I’m really starting to understand where she’s coming from. I’m starting to hate some of the people doing these things to her.”

Hate is, after all, what liberals do best.mouse