Yale prof (and Unabomber victim) thumbs up for Trump

From David Gelernter at Wall Street Journal:

Some conservatives have watched their evaluations of Donald Trump’s character drop so low in recent days that on this vital question they no longer see a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Accordingly, they are forced back onto politics and policy; and naturally Mr. Trump wins in a walk. If conservatives who argue that Mr. Trump is worse than Mrs. Clinton had a case, it would be a relief to vote for Mrs. Clinton or for no one. But they don’t, and one is therefore forced for the good of the nation to vote for Mr. Trump.

In his Mr. Nauseating video of last weekend, Mr. Trump showed us that he had all the class and cool of a misbegotten 12-year-old boy. Yet the video taught us nothing; no one had ever mistaken him for anything but an infantile vulgarian. This week’s allegations of actual abuse are different. If these stories are true (and I don’t know why they shouldn’t be), there is nothing to be said for Mr. Trump. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be said for Mrs. Clinton either. If we don’t take both facts into account, we are not morally serious.

Mrs. Clinton has nothing on Mr. Trump when it comes to character. She lies (“Wipe? Like with a cloth?”—cute and charming Mrs. C.) the way basketball stars shoot baskets—constantly, nonstop, because it’s the one thing she is best at and (naturally) it gives her pleasure to hear herself lie—swish!—right onto the evening news. And her specialist talent of all is the verbal kick in the groin of a Secret Service man or state trooper who has the nerve to talk to her as if she were merely human. She is no mere rock star; she is Hillary the Queen. She is so big, and you are so small, she can barely even see you from up there. What are you? A macromolecule?

I’ll vote for Mr. Trump—grimly. But there is no alternative, no shadow of a responsible alternative. More.

Unabomber victim?

Get to know David Gelernter: On the human mind

Reality check: Of course. Nothing shows the decline of American character so much as the cringeworthy attempts of “evangelicals” to make an issue out of Trump’s jock talk when they never even suspected Jack Kennedy? Oh? Why not?”

Is this garbage supposed to mean that when Clinton wins, Jeff Jacoby can be on the side of the angels while their U.S. Constitution is shredded? Won’t that be nice!

Far from leading the opposition to the GOP’s grotesque nominee, Reed chairs his religious advisory board. Nothing in Trump’s long record of lecherous and disreputable behavior has shaken Reed’s support — not even the video in which he boasts explicitly of groping women. “People of faith” have more important concerns,Reed told CNNon Monday. “I think a 10-year-old tape of a private conversation with a TV talk show host ranks pretty low on their hierarchy of concerns.”

Robertson, who has said that Trump “inspire[s] us all,” isn’t backing away either. The Donald’s talk of grabbing women by the crotch, Robertson indulgently explained to his TV audience, was just his way of “trying to look like he’s macho.”

Shut up, Jacoby. Clinton is not even a fan of the First Amendment. Churches will find their pastors jailed for preaching honestly when the Christian churches must take a stand on Big Gay. What’s worse is that, on the road to oblivion, most will choose not to say anything. Abortions, not Sunday schools, and soon all is over.

Historically, Jews and Christians have not done what Jacoby is advocating. When Nehemiah was cupbearer to the king of Persia, he didn’t ask him how many women he had sex with; he asked him for liberty and funds to rebuild Jerusalem. When Christians were “saints in Caesar’s household,” they accepted the fact that Caesar was not a moral person but eventually converted the empire.

Suvh victories are earned, and not by sitting out or stamping off in a huff.

Katie Kieffer seems to have it right when she says,

“Trump is a groping octopus!” is the message you’ve heard from media networks. Nearly every day, a new woman claims Trump managed the impossible feat of groping her like an “octopus” in a public place—like a New York night club while she was sitting with friends, or on an airplane where she was surrounded by stewardesses and passengers.

“I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it [say she likes everyday Americans] once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion.” –Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta emailed senior policy advisor Jake Sullivan on April 19, 2015.

Of course Clinton hates everyday Americans. She will grant them welfare while they learn their inferior place in the new global world. Why wouldn’t she? It’s Trump who wants to fight all that.

As I wrote to an uncertain American friend:

You should vote as you feel led and needn’t tell me. But several historians here in Canada have told me that if Hill wins, constitutional government will become meaningless in the United States.

Trump would not do that to them because he has no plan. She, however, has one.

She is a globalist. Americans (and Canadians) are high end. We have expectations of civil liberties, as well as prosperity, not shared by the hundreds of million they can hire and dispose of cheap elsewhere. That is one reason euthanasia is galloping ahead faster than anyone imagined. I just learned more news today that helps fill in the picture here.

Globalism does not spread freedom or prosperity, it AVERAGES it. You will end up with civil liberties somewhere between what an American would have and what a Malaysian would have.

I don’t think Trump can reverse this tide of events but would wish to put it off to give more people time to seek shelter.

See also: Does anyone remember anything about Jack Kennedy’s sex life? Oh wait, that doesn’t matter to evangelical dhimmis who parade their righteousness in the face of utter, self-willed, unashamed defeat, and then ask for donations.

  • andycanuck

    A reply to the #NeverTrumpers attacking Trump over his personal morality…


  • DJ

    I had no idea we had so many male puritans among us. Trump’s language was vulgar, perhaps more alarming for a man who was pushing 60 at the time than that it was said at all. Pornography gets 300% more hits than CNN on a given day, there’s a strip bar in almost every town in the country, the music charts are rife with ‘bitches’ and ‘hoes’ and worse lyrics, some of whom are hosted in the White House, along with “Cocks for Glocks” a dildo-wielding anti-2nd Amendment movement (try explaining that one to your daughters, puritans). Anybody who hasn’t heard this type of language has been living in their parent’s basement, and if they have been living there they’ve heard it while fixating to porn 12 hours a day, which I guess is the modern equivalent of taking a powder.

  • andycanuck

    And it’s my experience, Denyse, that most of Never Trump are Jewish neo/cons, pissed off Rubio supporters, and a handful of Cruz dead-enders who I admit do tend to the Evangelical however plenty (most?) Evangelicals are pulling for Trump which is why the others are going after Falwell Jr. so hard IMHO.

  • Linda1000

    As for Trump being vulgar, he is not the only guy out there being offensive towards women. How about the very public confrontations, just a little over a year ago, in Toronto with the famous “f**k her right in the pussy” slogan. I mean really, this indecency in 2015 and what Trump said in a private lewd conversation 20 or so years ago (?) is supposedly a bigger sin. The current Lefties and MSM should move on with their fake righteousness as Trump isn’t the first or the last guy to make outrageous remarks about women.

  • I think this is going to be the longest three weeks in history, Denyse.