What’s Wrong With Them? The Misguided Establishmentarian Right

The case of Peggy Noonan.

peggy-noonanAmongst Republicans there are two kinds of Trump-haters: the never-Trumpers who boast that they’ll never support him, and the non-never-Trumpers who say they’ll do so, but only by holding their noses. By their timidity, the latter reveal the tragic flaw that has prevented Republicans from winning elections. They’ll advance their arguments in favor of the Trump issues, and then go on to express their contempt for the man who had the courage to articulate them. Winners don’t do this sort of equivocating.

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    Nice to see Peggy take that BBC out of her mouth long enough to take a photo.

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      You fuck her,
      I won’t.

  • simus1

    The simplest explanation is that there was so much looting and wasting of government funds as the status quo, that it didn’t matter any more who was living in the White House. No large groups of rent seekers were being barred from the trough so long as they “played nice” so nasty partisan competition over the spoils was moot.

  • Linda1000

    This comment was written by “Fed Up” at FrontPage on the earlier posted article. Gives some good insight into the Republican party and is worth the read.

    Fed Up • 13 hours ago

    As one who’s paid very close attention to the political and cultural scene since about ’67, particularly Republican politics, I’d agree that for many rank and file Reps and conservatives the objection to Trump is a moral one. For others it’s suspicion of his conservative bonafides and for still others a supercilious obsession over taste and manners but for just about all it’s because “he’s just not one of us.” However, for the Republican establishment the “he’s just not one of us” has a more insidious meaning and his rise and dominance of Rep party politics can be laid entirely at their feet. I believe it is their recognition of culpability that maddens them and brings dread that their day of reckoning is at hand.

    For at least 25 years, since Bush The Elder’s election, conservatives were lectured, hectored and harangued that what was needed for continued Republican electoral success was to erect a “big tent” and become “inclusive” of a wider spectrum of voters. To that end compromises and outright abdications of supposedly hallowed conservative and Republican principles were necessary to stay in the game so as to live to fight another day. Not to worry though because although we may have retreated this time on a given issue they would stand and fight to the last man the next time around. Think of the innumerable CR and looming “government shutdown” deadlines during which we were fed that line only to be let down a few short months later when the promised fight over a supposedly more meaningful measure never came. It got to the comical point that the party’s rising young star and exalted Budget Wunderkind Paul Ryan abandoned all such principles quite literally the very moment he actually acquired the power to govern by them. God help any who got in the way of his rush to make a deal that brought Nancy Pelosi to laugh out loud in scorn as she regaled the press with her astonishment that he gave them far more than they even thought to ask for.

    Most of all though was the party’s long running attempts to jettison conservatives’ so-called “social issues” which the establishment had forced upon them with the ascension of Reagan conservatism and for which they never did truly acquire a taste for or the stomach to fight for them. Sit down and shut up in the back of the party bus on the way to electoral circus we were ordered lest we scare off the new audiences they were trying to draw into that big tent. Not to worry though we were promised yet again because once safely past an election they’d really, really fight for these causes with fervor but for now just shut up about them already. It got to the point of duplicity in recent years that, like abused spouses, many conservatives were pathetically reduced to hoping and praying the establishment wouldn’t openly betray and humiliate them one more time yet alone actually try to fight for their issues. Both the party and rank and file understood this cynical game was possible because conservatives of all stripes had no where else to go come election day.

    Even the emergence of a new and effective grass roots effort to force the party’s hand in 2010, the Tea Party, was successfully blunted and its impact minimized over time because it rose within the party structures and rules and thus under the establishment’s ultimate influence and control. They successfully used and rode it to gain and hold office and majorities but quickly settled back into their time honored game of “good cop, bad cop” with the Dems to maintain the status quo.

    Then came a man on the scene in 2012 whose run for the Presidency I applauded for the simple reason he was willing to say the impolite and impolitic things necessary to shake things up. He raised issues our men-in-gray-flannel suits were either too cowed to talk about or had quietly agreed with the Dems to put out of bounds lest both be held to account. I still believed change within the party was possible and his run would force it to address certain issues. The party’s response? To nominate Mitt Romney who played by all the old rules, stuck to the approved topics, ignored the critical issues and always, always adhered to the time honored PR policy of “Miss Manners for thee (the right) and Brass Knuckles for Me (the left)”. Naturally, he went down to ignominious defeat and the first clue this would be so one could have gleaned was in the spring of 2012 when he made a big speech on RomneyCare to settle the tension and dichotomy of Rep opposition to ObamaCare. The Mittster came out swinging in defense of it rather than refuting it by simply admitting they had misjudged and RomneyCare wasn’t working, which it wasn’t, and neither would ObamaCare. In that one speech Romney placed himself squarely and proudly on the side of big, intrusive, nanny-state gov’t, obliquely defended and reinforced the logic of ObamaCare and from that moment on he tried to balance on the head of a pin his supposed conservative principles and bonafides against their bitter fruits. He did not and could not have succeeded because it was all just so much Kabuki theater one more time in the hopes of placating the conservative “base” and winning more converts into that imaginary big tent.

    Fast forward to 2015 and that rude, crude man launched a second run more forceful, loud and brash than before. He says the rude things, the un-PC things, impolite things and very, very impolitic things. But they are all things that need to be said and that millions of Americans have been waiting for someone to say. He is independent and runs against the parties, establishment and cynical political class as much as for his own ideas of America. He is not part of their structure and game and so is not beholden to them and has the resources to go it alone and see it through. It is his independence that truly frightens the professional political class by far and is why he must be destroyed and why the tectonic shifts deep within the electorate first begun with the Tea Party and that his emergence represents must be quelled by rendering it leaderless and marooned in the hopes it’ll peter out for good. It will not regardless of how Trump’s run plays out.

    Donald Trump may be a rude, bombastic carnival barker but he’s the best one the Reps have had since Reagan and he’s drawing millions of fresh voters, disaffected Dems and even many minorities into that “Big Tent” that was supposedly critical to the Reps future and fortunes but that we no longer hear about. Remember the “big tent”? Curious that, no? And history will remember him as at least a patriotic one and something of a Paul Revere type who raised the alarm over existential issues both parties and political class had a hand in and would not be silenced. He is exposing the self-interested, nepotistic, incestuous, mercenary and aloof politico-media-establishment complex for the faux radicals, subversives, phonies, freaks, sociopaths and co-conspirators they are.

    And their response? Well, all of a sudden the Reps have supposedly had a come-to-Jesus conversion of conservative conscience and are all about hallowed principles and vaunted tradition and the interloper simply doesn’t measure up. His conservative bonafides are in doubt and his past allegiances as a high-profile, private empire builder doing business in rigged Dem districts held up as proof of his unreliability in an ideological fight by the likes of Paul Ryan, no less. More than that his supporters are benighted rubes, know-nothings and probably racists, nativists, misogynists and homophobes to boot. His big tent must be pulled down and they driven out beyond the Pale where they belong and were relegated in electoral days past. Why? So the party can get back to the business of governing conservatively in America’s interest? Because they really have had a Damascus road experience, the scales have fallen from their eyes and they’re now ready to take up the conservative cross for America? Only a fool would believe that at this late date in the darkening twilight of the Republic. The mendacity and duplicity are beyond comical, they are absolutely parodic and the spectacle farce.

    Trump may or may not win but the Republican party is going to lose by its own terms. They can either get behind Trump or will most certainly take the lion’s share of blame for his defeat. And rightly so. One thing is certain. No matter what happens on Nov. 8th the Rep party will never be the same and that’s if Trump wins. If he loses it’s a very real question whether it will be at all or go the way of the Whigs and they will certainly never fill that “big tent” again. Compromise and abdication by conservatives and rank and file was the order of the day in every election I can remember save Reagan’s. Now it’s the party’s turn.”

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Well said!

  • Brett_McS

    The voters in the Republican primaries fell for a professional media performer of no substance. The only anti-establishment candidate was Ted Cruz, who had the ground game to win in the general. Rubio, whose immigration policy Trump now calls his own, would have beaten Hillary in a landslide, as the Dems themselves admit.

    Selecting Trump was a disastrous mistake. Simple as that.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Rubio, nor anyone, was saying the things that Trump was saying about illegal Mexican immigration.
      They all had numerous chances, yet they all remained silent.
      Nope, only Trump, and maybe Cruz, were the only Republicans willing to sell to their only base constituency.
      The rest of them were as phony as Jeb Bush’s guacamole recipe.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Rubio the gang of eight fuck face?

  • Blacksmith

    IMO we have not had a true conservative since Reagan, We have only had bad choices but we continue to fight for the future of our country. I think more harm is done by the never Trump groups than those of use who vote for the best possibility of saving what is left of our country. Trump at least seems to hear what we are saying and I hope that translates into doing the things needed to salvage what is left of the country. He is light years ahead of the socialist criminal he is running against.

    • canminuteman

      The fight for a country has been lost already. We don’t have one any more, Canadians, Americans, English, whoever. The rear guard action will be fought at the tribal level as we descend into the new dark age. The new economic.ic, social, and security situation will be centered around you tribe, clan, and immediate family, like it was in the last dark age. We are heading back to the future.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I am disconnecting. And when it all burns to the ground I will laugh and laugh. They want dictatorship they’re going to get dictatorship.

    “Leave your luggage on the platform, it will catch up with you, you are being ‘relocated’ to the east.”

    and the looks on all their faces will be priceless.