Fox News’ Shep Smith comes out as gay


Smith, 52, confirmed the long-circulating rumor when he was asked if it was former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes who prevented him from coming out of the closet.

  • That woman in the picture was the only person on earth who didn’t know.

    • Who the hell is “Shep Smith”?

      And why should anyone care about his/her “coming out”?

      I went “out” the the store yesterday. Nobody cares about that.

  • ontario john

    Pretty much a requirement now, that every TV show has to have a gay character real or imagined. Because apparently homosexuals make up the majority of people in North America.

    • Yusuf_al_Kafir

      ‘I’m Michael Ssssssssserapio and you’re watching sssssssssssssee-B-ssssssssssssee Newsssssss Network’.

    • mobuyus

      Homos are rife in the entertainment and theater industries, and will only hire other homos. The “casting couch” is alive and a lot smellier than it used to be. The lie that they constitute 10% of the population is for political purpose’s. At 10% of population they would constitute a “community” and as a “community” they can lobby governments for funding for “legal and research” purposes, swanky hotels, conferences and offices (and all that entails) for legal challenges. This shit stained show must be brought back to reality. The true percentage of deviants is closer to 1.5%-2%. The high 2% is due to university females identifying as lesbian though after university this bubble deflates back to the 1.5%. as these temporary lesbians go back to a normal life. Family work that kind of thing.

  • andycanuck

    No. The fudge you say.

    Didn’t see that one coming.

  • G

    A gay television news anchor?

    Wow! What are the odds? I mean sitting on your ass wearing makeup, blow drying your hair, making chitchat and reading from a TelePrompTer sound like such rugged masculine activities.

  • barryjr

    Who cares all I ask for is honesty and neutrality in the news, both of which are sadly lacking.

  • robins111

    Shocked I tell you shocked

  • Clink9

    Wonder if he’s a pitcher or catcher?

    • mobuyus

      My guess would be trouser pilot.

    • Clausewitz

      Wrong sport, wide receiver.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    There was something about him that seemed off-kilter and now it’s official.

    • ntt1

      I always suspected he was a closeted liberal but he was just gay

  • J. C.

    What’s that, Liberals…??? We’re supposed to ‘care’ about this? Sorry… No can do. 😉

  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    I call ‘Bullshit!’ on this whole story.

    I mean, according to Wikipedia, he once married a woman and was a participant in a six year, childless marriage….

    ‘Smith married Virginia Donald, a University of Mississippi classmate, in 1987. They divorced in 1993 with no children.’

  • Maggat

    BFD! (big f-cking deal)

  • Dana Garcia


    Meanwhile, the Shepster is arguably the least fair-and-balanced talking head on the network.

    • Clink9

      Like his “your kids will die!!!” Comment on the hurricane.

      • Dana Garcia

        Drama queen, yes.

        • Emphasis on Queen.

          • Dana Garcia

            I’ve seen worse.

  • Alain

    I guess this means he is now happy and merry-making.

    • Dana Garcia

      Shep can’t be happy that his age is being discussed in this mini-kerfuffle.

  • Why do I care what Sheppard Smith does with his penis when he goes home at night? He’s either a good journalist or he isn’t.

    I think I should “come out of the closet” as someone who wipes his bum toward the front instead of toward the back (the latter recommended method — especially for females). Now is everybody satisfied? I guess my next comment should be about “coming out of the closet” with how I pick my nose when nobody’s looking.

    (apologies for the graphic insane analogies but Western society has gone quite insane)

    • G

      THAT is the point. Nobody gives a shit whether he’s a star puncher or not.
      But he seems to think he’s some sort of hero for jumping on a soapbox and yelling about who he goes to bed with.

      No Shepherd, you are still an asshole. Trying to file yourself into so PC victim pigeonhole doesnt change that.

      • Right – this will become a cause for him.

    • mobuyus

      Shit I’ve been wiping side to side all these years.

    • It’s not what he does at night, it’s what he does on the air. He’s going to become another ghey militant.

      God how I despise him.

    • Clink9

      I was called Archie Bunker” by my brother in law by describing people constantly talking about their gay sex life like the annual ( anal? ) pride parade dopes.

      I said it was just like going to the bathroom and “coming out” to tell everyone what it looked like. Just shut your pieholes you bunch of fags. No one cares.

  • BillyHW

    So sick and tired of all the goddamn homosexuals in the mainstream media.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I get so pissed off with their so called heroics. Just shut up and get on with your life.
      P.S. Who is this asshole?

  • marty_p

    At least he has the balls to come out. More than I can say for Newstalk 1010 morning man John Moore who dances around the issue – he uses terms like “my partner’ without acknowledging gender.
    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out when he keeps reminding the listening audience that he loves to vacation in Provincetown MA (the gay capital of the Eastern Seaboard) exactly which team he plays for.