‘Make Muslims of them ALL’ Radicals call for ‘Islamification’ outside Swedish Parliament

RADICAL Muslims have called for the Islamification of westerners in a demonstration outside of the Swedish Parliament.

In a shocking clip, filmed by politician Hanif Bali outside his workplace, a huge crowd can be seen chanting and praising Imam Khomeini, who enforced Sharia Law in Iran.

Posting the footage on Facebook, Bali wrote: “Today there was quite a lot of noise outside parliament – prayers were proclaimed and people chanted.

“When I first looked outside, I thought I was seeing scenes from streets of Tehran.”

The demonstration, which took place on Wednesday, was instigated by Imam Ali Islamic Center, a Shia Muslim Mosque which has had known ties to hate preachers calling for the murder of homosexuals.

Gee but mass immigration from Islamic states was a great idea wasn’t it?