Trump now knows how Rob Ford felt

The fact the media coerced the electorate and most of the Western world into thinking Trump’s lewd “locker room” comments from over a decade ago are the single most important topic in the decision to elect the next leader of the free world, is a sign of just how much America is in decline.

Never mind the no-growth economy that’ll last for years or entitlements that’ll bankrupt the nation. Or the strain on America from illegal immigration, or the power vacuum created by Obama’s foreign policy pivot from the Middle East to Asia.

  • It can be summed up in one word: “braggadocio”. So unless they’re willing to put on the law books a new crime called “braggadocio”, Trump has done nothing wrong apart from exaggerated bragging about his sexual prowess to try to impress a guy younger than himself. Vain, but not criminal.

    • Waffle

      This is really a bad, bad case of me-tooism. Except that the ,mericans write about it and parse it much better. Just read Rush Limbaugh — excellent analysis of how the ,crats trash all the Republican hopefuls. They have a play book. This is really no different except for the fact that we are now in the age of bloviating, substanceless excess.

      IMHO Rex Murphy is the only Canadian pundit worth spending a few minutes with. Great line from his latest column: bonfire of the insanities. Love it.

  • G

    Oh shut up Furey! Antbony Furey is just as much of an MSM scumbag as the rest of them. He spent his time at the Fob Ford Feeding frenzy

    • Alain

      I remember once on SNN when Furey, who claimed to be a libertarian, came out strong in support of outdoors smoking bans. I crossed him off as one who is pro-freedom.

  • Blacksmith

    This is why I think western society will have to collapse before it can be rebuilt as intended by our founding fathers. I often wonder in a free society how often this will have to happen. Is one century the magic number? two?

  • Gary

    Look at how a CUPE member in the 9-1-1 call Centre had leaked a call to Ford’s home over an alleged domestic abuse. One person in the media had actually said that FORD was guilty because the Police don’t go to calls if there is no crime.
    They hounded him about it on top of alleged drug use.

    Fine……but while Chief Blair was looking at charging Ford over retro-active drugs use we had Justin Trudeau and George Smithermen boasted to the Media about their drug use and supporting drugs dealers they bought it from .
    In 2013 George Smithermen must have been so abusive to his spouse to cause him to run away from home and was found by a railway bridge almost naked and very close to a known Crack House on Lansdowne ave .
    The Police took the hubby back home to the abuse and in less than 3 months he committed suicide . Not one investigation or charges against Smithermen for inciting a suicide from spouse abuse .
    In every case for heterosexuals…. the wife is NOT taken back to the abuser
    but goes to a shelter . If the wife commits suicide the male partner / spouse gets investigated and can be charged for driving the spouse to suicide from abuse.

    So , Justin and Smithermen do drugs and admit it, Smithermen drives his spouse to illegal drug use and then suicide . Police Chief Blair
    doesn’t care but is bent on going after Ford on allegations of illegal drug
    use and buying it from drug deals.

    Chief Blair is now Liberal MP under Trudeau

    Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm……