Red, Green and Brown: Communists, Islamists, Nazis — and Jews

A recent letter published in The New York Times by a certain Naomi Dann, who represents Jewish Voice for Peace and who claims to speak for “a coalition of Palestinian civil society groups,” states three demands: the end of the “occupation” of lands seized in 1967, full equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel and the right to return for refugees. Obviously, Dann has to know that unilateral withdrawal without peace would greatly endanger Israel. Probably she knows that the second demand is chutzpah-laden. Arab Israelis are full citizens of a functioning (if imperfect) liberal democracy, while Palestinians in Arab countries are treated even worse than the ordinary subjects of their kings and tyrants. And Dann cannot help but know that the last, innocent-sounding demand would mean the destruction of Israel and Arab rule over six million Jews. And that means rule by Arabs whose leadership’s stated program is eliminationist genocide (Hamas) or something not much short of it (the Palestinian Authority).