Fully funded Catholic schools produce “baptized pagans”

From the results of a CARDUS study at Catholic Intelligence

The good news from this report is that truly independent schools do MUCH BETTER than Public and Public Catholic schools in areas that public schools say are important (eg. Socialization, volunteering, political engagement, etc etc). And other work shows that they do better academically!!

The bad news is that Public “Catholic” High Schools are WORSE than Public schools in many areas:

– more likely to support Same Sex Marriage
– more likely to want even bigger government
– more likely to feel helpless in dealing with problems in life
– more likely to believe that Religion is a Private Matter that should be Kept
Out of Public Debates about Social and Political IssuesMore.

Reality check: Etc. You don’t need to tell me. Catholics of my acquaintance probably voted for Justin Trudeau’s party, despite full steam ahead to euthanize Granny to get out from under the health care crisis, because, well, Justin’s cute. And she’s old and boring.

Note: More recent study here.

Of course they don’t go to mass. Confession? “I don’t need that? I’m a good person! I have all the right opinions!”

They would not care about oppressions, cruelties or injustices of any type as long as the message that all is still politically correct is communicated forcibly to them.

That’s the new job of mass media, right?

The Globe and Mail calls them “baptized pagans.” That’s too kind in my view. Pagans tended to understand that there were things they did not understand. Hence the altar to an unknown god.

There is no altar to an unknown god in most of these “baptized pagans,” merely an altar to ever-increasing government. The rest of us need to be concerned about our civil liberties, because they get bothered by mere civilly expressed disagreement.

I would not now recommend to any parent to send a child to a publicly funded Catholic school. The system for teaching any type of ethical values is dominated by gov ‘crats and union thugs. All teaching will reflect, obviously or subtly, the demands of government, not the church.

Yes, that is true in the public system too, but at least one can say to the child,  that is not the Christian view, let me show you from the Scriptures the Christian view, without apology. And if you can’t do that, you can’t be a Christian parent today.

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