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DiCaprio issues climate action call in new documentary

The Hollywood megastar, who won this year’s best actor Oscar for his role in “The Revenant”, takes viewers around the world to meet experts and politicians in order to reveal the scale of the problem, its effects and the paths towards solutions.

As the inter-governmental Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rises comes into force on November 4, the US actor calls on individuals to examine their own habits and use their vote wisely to tackle the issue.

“I didn’t want the film to scare people, or present them with statistics and facts that they already know, but to focus on what can and must be done immediately so that we can leave our planet a livable home for future generations,” the 41-year-old said.

“We are quickly running out of time,” said DiCaprio, who also co-produced the film.


Canada has consensus U.S. lacks on key issues

Looking back on the year since voters handed Justin Trudeau a majority mandate it is impossible to overstate the contrast between post-election Canada and the pre-election United States.

Much, of course, has already been said about Trudeau’s knack for connecting with people, his relative youth for a government leader, his enduring popularity at home and his rock star debut on the international scene.

But notwithstanding the stardust that sticks to the prime minister, the contrast is more than skin-deep. It is based on a high level of consensus that transcends party lines.

peasants and pitchforks

The Elite “Have No Idea” – Society Is Near The Breaking Point

What I find most surprising today is that the insiders and the elite have no idea what is percolating just beneath the surface. Okay, maybe their arrogance actually produces its own fog, so it should not come as a surprise that they are blinded. They do not look at the calendar, which, if one really looks, says “1788” on it. Something is close. Very close. Society is near the breaking point.

My own experience is that Hillary’s so-called Deplorables are actually the most reserved, most polite, and most honest demographic in the country. They are more informed, more self-reliant, and among other things, better armed. Regarding their arms, they are incredibly responsible, and not the source of the violence for which the implement, and not the person, is too often blamed. The Deplorables have the longest fuse. It is, however, a fuse.

Alt Left, on the other hand, are the Neo Fascists and Neo Neocons. It is Alt Left that thinks Free Speech means THEIR speech only. It is Alt Left that needs ‘safe spaces’ and wants to enforce thought crime.


UN told EU to accept 1.3m more migrants every year or face population crisis

The radical report, titled ‘Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?’ advocates an influx of immigrants as a means of supporting an ageing population.

It projects that over the next 50 years the population of several western countries, including the UK, Germany, France and Italy, will steadily decline unless measures are taken to reverse the trend.

Penned in 2001, the report has resurfaced in the wake of the migrant crisis sweeping Europe.

This Week in Stupid (16/10/2016)


The Rigged Debates

After three decades of political atrocities perpetrated against Republicans it is clear that the allegedly neutral Commission on Presidential Debates is irredeemably corrupt.

No one knows this better than GOP candidate Donald Trump who has been abused and undermined by the commission’s corrupt practices and unfair policies in both debates so far. It is no coincidence that the commission itself is filled with Hillary Clinton supporters and anti-Trump Republicans.


Quebecers march for $15 minimum wage

The message was clear: protesters argue Quebec’s $10.75 minimum wage is borderline poverty and it needs to change.

“It’s a question of respect for the workers,” said Dominique Daigneault, spokesperson for the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN).

“To recognize what they’re worth and to recognize that a worker has a right to live above the poverty level when he or she are working full time.”


Kellie Leitch launches Tory leadership campaign

Ontario MP Kellie Leitch officially launched her campaign to become the next federal Conservative Party leader on Saturday, continuing to talk about the importance of what she terms Canadian values.



DEFCON 3: US nuclear attack warning ‘upgraded to level 3’ as Moscow prepares for war

We have gone from DEFCON 5 to DEFCON 3. Bombers ready to take off in 15 minutes, missiles on launch warning. And the American people are going to vote for this …. again. Have we sunk so low and been rendered so stupid?

Remember the sweet, safer days of George W. After smashing and bashing him, the left has delivered us here. Everyday it’s some new horror. And what is every news network reporting on? Trump’s libido, of course.