No disrespecting flag at US military school? Huh?

Why not? From Todd Starnes at Townhall:

Jack Albert, the president the military academy, believes the blood shed by his cadets make their campus sacred ground.

So when Albert learned that some of the high schools in their athletic conference were allowing students to disrespect the national anthem, he decided to draw a line in the sand.

“To dishonor those men and their families by permitting any disrespect of the country they defended, especially on the Academy’s time honored fields of friendly strife, is in my opinion, unacceptable,” Albert wrote in a letter to parents and alumni.

“It is our expectation when teams visit our campus, proper etiquette and respect is rendered to the nation’s colors and the national anthem,” he added.

And then – the military academy president dropped the bombshell:

“It is my intention to halt any game with any team whose players or coaches decide to disrespect the colors of our nation or the national anthem of our country in any way,” he informed the Academy family. More.

Reality check: If disrespecting the flag spreads to military and police colleges, the message the US junior jackboots are sending is out, proud and loud: We are privileged thugs, answerable to nothing but our own guts, and we seek weapons and expertise to enable our rule.

Any such display should be met by immediate, publicized expulsion. But soon it may be met by handholding therapy sessions and empowering progressive propaganda.

Think about it in political terms: A force accountable only to a chief thug, not a constitutional order, is quite useful in terrorizing the working native population.

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