MoD pays thousands of pounds to sex assault victims subjected to ‘terrifying and degrading’ attacks at the hands of Libyan cadets


More than 300 of the cadets were brought to Bassingbourn barracks, Cambridgeshire, for training two years ago in a bid to help stabilise the north African state after the fall of dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

But the training programme had to be abandoned and the Libyans sent home early after an outcry over incidents including a string of sex attacks by cadets who left the barracks one weekend and went into Cambridge city centre.

  • Liberal Progressive

    You mean the women weren’t jailed for disrespecting the cadets’ culture?

  • B__2

    The most disgusting thing is the quote from the article: “The three men have since been released and made claims for asylum in the UK. A decision on their applications is not yet believed to have been made and the men are being held in secure immigration units.” The UK needs to enact a law saying that any person who has been convicted of a crime is not eligible to seek asylum in the UK. And then uphold that law.

    I suspect that these men: previously-vetted exemplary Libyan young men in good standing with the Libyan state, will use the reason they need asylum is that they are now convicted rapists and would be subject to punishment or discrimination in Libya.