Manufacturers organize to combat destructive Ontario policies

A manufacturer that’s been around since the 1950s has been crunching the numbers and pondering moving operations to the U.S. because of Ontario Liberal government policies.

“We don’t worry about our competition anymore,” says Jocelyn Williams Bamford, Vice President of Automatic Coating. “We fear the government.”

  • Gary

    About 5 years ago I warned that Honda , Toyota and FORD would move to the USA if the Liberals keep jacking up taxes and Hydro costs .
    Wynne doesn’t think that anything will change and she can just raise taxes and people will pay it.
    When the economy grew about 12% the data showed that the Government employees grew close to 28% , this when some Services became automated where people weren’t needed.

    • Liberal Voters grew. That was the point of the exercise.

      • Gary

        Correct , during a selected period of time the Data showed that the Province only grew by about 12% and yet the Government grew by 28% for employees .
        This during the time them went Automated and had more Websites to deal with Services and Questions.

        When my employer went automated and had a Website to help clients , we saw the employees get let go and the staff in my Dept. went from about 35 to around 7 . In 2007 the department was gone and merged with another one where those employees carried the extra load with No raise.

        There was never a time when our growth in revenues was up 10% and the staff when up 28% .
        I predicted that Wynne would continue McLiar’s spend-n-tax strategy to win elections and just drive up the debt towards $400 billion . I said the same thing for Justin driving up the debt to over $700 billion which now looks like he’s head to $800 billion by his $160 billion promise to shell out money .
        Justin is the same one that attack Harper for his Deficits and now balancing the books.

  • JaedoDrax

    Oddly, I’m getting close to the point where it will be cheaper for me to run my generator full time, than to continue paying hydro rates.

    Any manufacturer would be better off spending $1.7 billion on a 250 mW genIV reactor that continue to pay the increasing hydro prices that jump up and down without any real warning. That, or move their operations to a place that wasn’t insane.

    Once cap and trade comes into effect, we will see the Spain effect, where initially it will be better to shut down production in energy intensive industries, and sell their carbon credits, that to continue.

    • I wonder what the size of Ontario’s underground economy is. I heard an interesting story about a prominent company, known world wide in fact, discreetly asking if they could pay under the table for a service and thus avoid the extortionate fees charged by the Wynne kleptocracy. If people as big as this company is doing it you have to wonder how many others are.

  • The only way to remove these disastrous policies is to completely destroy the Liberal party in Ontario.

    I don’t see anyone doing that.

    • I agree, there is a groundswell of anger, all justified but until we can defeat the Kleptocrat class ain’t nothin gonna change.

      • This is Canada. There are grumblings and the opposition ends there. Canadians simply don’t give a sh– enough to change their political situation.

    • canminuteman

      I don’t even think that would be enough. I honestly don’t think a conservative government would change a thing. We are going down, and there is no getting out of it any more.

  • BillyHW

    Every single one of their unions voted for the goddam dyke.