Louis Smith’s ‘show trial’ on Loose Women is emblematic of our dimwit-run times

Both Brendan and I have written about the strange martyrdom of Louis Smith.  But here is an ugly coda.

As readers may recall, the Olympic athlete got drunk at a friend’s wedding and, along with a friend, ended up doing a joke version of the Muslim call to prayer. Something to do with Aladdin apparently. Anyhow, before they knew it the phone-video had made its way onto social media and from there to The Sun. Soon sinister Muslim spokespeople were reminding everyone that their religion was to be ‘respected’ and never to be ‘mocked’. Smith has apparently been getting death threats since then.

All of which tells us nothing new about the world’s most intolerant religion.

  • eMan14

    Thank God there was no social media when I grew up. I’d either be in prison for life or dead.
    What Smith did was at best inadvisable. At worst, in bad taste. Hardly a career killer.
    These societal dhimmies are the real threat to our society.

  • H

    I don’t find this funny myself, but simply depressing. Wake me up in a few hundred years when our dying society is long gone and its Islamic successor is (hopefully) also gone, and Islam eradicated from the face of the earth forever.