Illegal immigrants given £2,000 to leave as UK faces colossal migrant crisis

THE UK Government is giving £2,000 of taxpayers’ cash to illegal immigrants to get them to leave the country amid the publishing of new figures which show the UK border’s are at crisis point.

Why pay them? Whatever happened to walking the plank?


  • Everyone Else


    … they pissed all over Israel for paying migrants airfare home

  • mobuyus

    That picture looks like England walking the plank and the invaders manning the deck.

  • Persecuted Refugee

    With home much I get in government benefits you better offer at least

    £50,000 per family member or it will cost you even more when we take it to the European Human Rights Court!

  • bob e

    they can build a series of boats simila to the US Navy LST’s
    quickly & cheaply then shuttle their illegal to Morocco. Where you can pay Morocco. Dump them. if Morocco has a problem,
    threaten them just like the muslim corsairs did in the 1700’s.
    Take it too them !! Time is up !!

  • G

    That’s a stupid idea. What’s to prevent them from coming back?

    • V10_Rob

      It obviously comes with a stipulation to never return.

      Doesn’t it?

      Surely they couldn’t have forgotten that detail?

      I mean, there’s no way they could have been THAT stup…


  • Exile1981

    How about the government gives £1000 to a citizen to remove an illegal from the country. Get a boat and take 10 of them out to sea 20 miles.

    So assume £100 for fuel, £10 per migrant for rope and zip ties and £10 for a cinder block (per migrant).

    That works out to a proffit of £9700 per trip for your crew. Thats a good wage.

    • disqusW6sf

      Good incentive. Might consider outsourcing to unemployed fisherman in Atlantic Canada.