Hillary Clinton’s 2008 Campaign Wanted To Attack Obama For Having A Muslim Father

E-mails from Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign chairman John Podesta reveal the Clinton campaign wanted to attack then-rival Barack Obama for having a Muslim father and growing up in a Muslim country.

The e-mails, which were allegedly hacked from Podesta’s account and were published by WikiLeaks today, reveal that Clinton’s 2008 campaign had focus-group tested attacks focusing on Obama’s cocaine habit, his decision to not wear an American flag lapel pin, and the time he spent in Indonesia.

  • BillyHW

    Remember, it’s only racist when Republicans do it.

  • Gary

    sadly , there are enough deplorable and low IQ Muslims in the USA that think that Trump and the Rep’s started the Birther issue. This is just as much a big lie as Hillary trying to claim that she , plus Obama , didn’t start the Benghazi LIE about the YouTube video that offended muslims that are so prone to riots and murdering people that they attack the Embassy and killed Chris Stevens.

    Obama must be pretty stupid to claim he didn’t know about Hillary’s private Server because every email from it would not have had the .GOV suffix but the Suffix for the Web-Hosting Company.
    How many times have YOU gotten an eMail that claimed a Canadian , or US Company picked your email address for a $20,000.00 Prize or FREE Vacation.
    The suffix and IP/DNS address can be linked to a hell-hole nation 10,000 miles away just by a basic search to click on ” Source” to read the String of email names before it got to you.

    Was Obama just shoved through school and handed a Diploma
    for being Black via Affirmative Action ???

    My guess is that he’s complicit in this corruption and the Benghazi murders
    along with the IRS, NSA, FBI, and DOJ crimes.
    So much for Blacks telling us how Just and fair the USA would be once they get in Power. It’s worse because they have the Race-card to hide behind and get away with more crime that White presidents .
    Liberals lowered the bar for Obama and don’t expect much from negro’s as we saw from Biden that boasted how Obama was a Clean and Educated negro