Germany moves step closer to introducing burka ban


Germany moved a step closer to introducing a burka ban with the Social Democratic Party warming to some of the ideas proposed by Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière.

  • Dana Garcia

    No free society should allow people to roam its streets in masks. Freedom requires the responsibility of revealing who you are to others. Masks are for robbers and criminals.

  • Alain

    Far too little and far too late for it to matter. Banning Islam would be a start.

    • infedel

      It is never too late …and never too late to ban islam in the West.

  • infedel

    There should be a ban on islam and sharia in the West as there is a ban on the West in islamic lands…full stop.

  • john700

    So, no one wears the burkha in Germany, let’s ban it, it’s so easy! See, we fight radical Islam, by banning something no one is wearing.

    • Shebel

      What the hell are you trying to illiterate ?