Free speech an offence at historic Tufts U

From Eric Owens at Daily Caller:

Late last month, a student at Tufts University proposed a resolution calling for free and untrammeled campus speech.

The student, sophomore Jake Goldberg, urged administrators and students at the fancypants school to reject ambiguous rules outlawing “hurtful words,” “acts of intolerance and hate,” “innuendos of a sexual nature” and the like.

Other students at Tufts who support restrictions on “hurtful words” and other free speech have responded to Goldberg’s resolution by taking to social media to call him an “ignorant fuckhead,” “meninist scum” and “a stain on the face of this campus.”

Censorship enthusiasts who want rules against “hurtful words” also directly emailed Goldberg to say “fuck you,” “fuck off” and “eat my ass,” reports The College Fix. More.

From The College Fix:

Jake Goldberg’s resolution calls for an end to campus anti-free speech rules at Tufts, including vague administrative provisos that crack down on the “use of nicknames,” “hurtful words,” “bias-fueled jokes,” “comments on an individual’s body or appearance,” “innuendos of a sexual nature,” “gender bias,” and dozens more similar examples cited in the measure.

Also from Fix: Students protest First Amendment

Reality check: In short, those students will work for government one day. We pretty much know who will protect them and how they will feel about the rest of us. The critical question for traditional thinking people will be how to live a normal life amid the permanent progressive revolution.

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No disrespecting flag at US military school? Huh? They can still enforce that?