Cats and milk… Hilarity ensues!

  • Cat-astrophe

    A three minute replay of the ‘Cold War”. The Cold Milk War.
    Could be used to teach kids how it works. The grey kitty seems to be the winner.
    Grey kitty can now demean, discredit and impose sanctions against brown kitty.

  • Gary

    That’s the Socialists at City Hall in Toronto when the Budget has a large surplus and they think it’s THEIR money to spend in their Riding to buy the next election.

    Poor Toronto , it boasts about services in over 100 languages and that it will be a Majority non-white city soon . With a $4,000,000,000.00 debt the low IQ voters in minority areas just don’t get it that you can’t keep getting close to $3.00 in benefits or Services for every $1.00 in taxes.
    When Toronto implodes and it’s 90% non-whites, they won’t have Whitey around to blame when the riots starts and they fight among each other or other non-white groups.

  • Pure hilarity. Pure kitties.