Calais Jungle migrant children to come to Britain within days


The children are entitled to move to the UK under EU law which states that migrants must make a claim for asylum in the first European country they reach but children can transfer their claim to another country where family members are living.

  • Dana Garcia

    Who believes those “relatives” in UK are genuine, not bogus? (Chinese immigrant “paper sons” in San Francisco a century ago come to mind.)

    And why doesn’t Britain reduce its welfare benefits? If the government removed the magnet, the moocher allahbots would quit coming in such numbers. Instead, the government extended welfare benefits to muslim polygamists earlier this year.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    I wonder how many of the “children” are 6 feet tall and growing a beard.

    • B__2

      Growing the beard was passable, but its greying and the long length of it should have been a clue about the age!

      Only the public seems concerned. The politicians and bureaucrats don’t seem to want to know the true age (or probably the genetic relationship) of many child migrants around the world. There are no definitive tests for age – you can’t cut them in half and count the growth rings like you can a tree – but you can image bones in living people by MRI or X-ray to get a good indication. The problem is that it is far less work to not know for the administrators. In addition, many of the people who process the claims are highly sympathetic to unconstrained immigration and not inclined to reject any claim.

    • WalterBannon

      They all will be some day. More of a concern is how many of them have been raised to kill us and commit Jihad against us – and the answer is all of them.

  • WalterBannon

    May will continue to avoid Brexit and subject her people to rule by the EU dictotatorship