Anti-Islam Does Not Equal “Anti-Muslim”


Dear Ms. Snowdon,

Regarding your article about “xenophobic” “anti-Muslim” posters and flyers in Edmonton; for your information, anti-Islam does not equal “anti-Muslim”. I see nothing in your article about an attack on Muslims, who by the way, are not a “marginalized group”. There are over 1 million Muslims in Canada right now, and there numbers have been doubling every decade for three decades in a row, and, under the wise stewardship of Prime Minister Justin Vacuous, that trend will apparently continue.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Being anti-Islam is being FOR the rights of Muslims around the world to be freed from a vicious death-cult. Far from hating Muslims, I want them to enjoy freedom and prosperity.

    • WalterBannon

      Wrong Tom.

      Being anti-Islam is being FOR the rights of “infidels” around the world who are under assault by Muslims every where that Muslims are found.

      When you can show me a large mass of apostates rising up against Islam in their own countries and renouncing Islam by force then I may look favorably on offering them some sympathy. But that has not happened. They do not want our rights. They do not want our freedoms. They want only our stuff and to exploit us as slaves and to rape our children.

  • ntt1

    the only muslims i see as not being islamic terrorists are those who are pretty much apostate anyways,and are by definition not muslims

    • WalterBannon

      These apostates are like the mythical moderate Muslims.

      Where are they, outside of the theoretical musing about their existence somewhere?

  • moraywatson

    What utter drivel. Without islam there are no muslims. Without muslims there is no islam. It’s not possible to be against one without being against the other.

  • WalterBannon

    Humbug. I am proud to say that I am both Anti-Islam and Anti-Muslim.

    Just like my grandparents were anti-Fascism and anti-Nazis.

  • Because leftists lack the capacity for critical thought, this is the kind of reportage that they do.

    It also helps that Islamism and leftism are mirror of one another.

  • P_F

    By definition a muslim is who practices islam, and islam calls for subjugation or death of all non-muslims.
    Being against islam by reason is self-preservation, and because the threat ascribed by islam is carried out by it’s adherents, i.e. muslims, it’s equal to anti-muslim.

  • Oracle9

    So CBC claims that to say Islam is violent is apparently offensive and therefore unacceptable.

    Can we opt out of reading or watching CBC for a tax credit of $320 for each and every person who finds CBC offensive and unacceptable?