Venezuelan cannibal makes empanadas out of fellow prisoners: Reports

venezuelan-cannibal-manA notorious cannibal has reportedly been treating other prisoners in a Venezuelan jail as his own personal buffet.

Parents of several prisoners at the jail claim the government has done nothing to stop Dorancel “The People Eater” Vargas from his slaughter.

Vargas has also been accused of trying to entice other prisoners into cannibalism, the parents say.

Cops say Vargas killed — and devoured — more than 40 people in the South American country before he was captured.

  • Martin B

    It would be cosmic justice if a hungry cannibal made empanadas out of Maduro.

  • Brett_McS

    OK, one more time: Actual cannibal, Shia Le Bouf: (If you don’t find this hilarious there is something wrong with you … or perhaps it’s me).

  • DaninVan

    Well, that’s not going to help with the tourism thing…
    Mind you, I bet it’s helping immensely with the jail overcrowding situation.

  • Reader