“My husband and I were staying in a cabin. After a storm passed, we found the park owner inspecting a fallen tree which had narrowly missed the park’s huge LPG tank. He set about chopping it up with his chainsaw. John had a look and agreed that it was a dangerous situation, he got ready to move our vehicle. The outreaching branches of the tree smashed down through our cabin bathroom. The only thing out of place though was my shower gel which had been knocked to the floor.”

  • Maggat

    Pretty simple physics involved there.

    • Maurice Miner

      Bullshit – we are talking Aussies, dontcha know?

      What time of day was this? If it was after lunch, fergeddaboutit! Physics takes a break when our ingenuity comes to the fore – and the simple physics are this:

      (1) Park owner has a “widow-maker” gum tree on his property;
      (2) Park owner is not allowed to lop or remove the “widow-maker”, because it has a trunk diameter greater than 8 inches, and needs local Council and Greenie approval to remove;
      (3) Park owner knows that Council or Greenies will never approve lopping or removal of the “widow-maker”;
      (4) A savage storm hits;
      (5) Park owner has a heaven-sent opportunity to make a “clear and present danger” assessment, which justifies lopping or removal;
      (6) Park owner sends in his “B” team, with clear instructions to get the fucker down within this window of opportunity;
      (7) “B” team makes sure that the “widow-maker” comes down, irrespective of where, just as long as it is completed within the window of opportunity;
      (8) All is good, with little collateral damage to health or property;
      (9) Job well done!

      Now that’s how you have to do things here…

  • Slickfoot The Deplorable

    Could have pulled it off with a jack, or even more wedges.

  • Chatillon

    Training for the Darwin Awards?