Judge dismisses families’ case against Remington Arms

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Judge Barbara Bellis dismissed the case on the grounds that federal law prevents lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

Expect to hear from Hillary Clinton on this: she wants to allow gun and ammunition manufacturers to be sued if their products are used in a crime, and if elected is expected to use executive order to bypass Congress. That would destroy the US firearms industry through litigation.

  • Good news.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      That’s what I like about gun companies.
      They don’t fold like the tobacco companies did.
      Or buy indemnification against future lawsuits from corrupt governments.

      • GrimmCreeper

        I can’t believe there are any left with production in blue states.

      • V10_Rob

        Like 2nd Amendment supporters in general, they know that if they give any ground, no matter how reasonable it seems, the retreat will never end.

    • Alain

      Yes, a case of a rare sane judge. These zealots were emboldened when people and governments were allowed to sue tobacco companies, which never should have happened.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        As I get older, I have experienced a few deleterious effects of alcohol consumption.
        Buuut, they would have been far worse if I had trusted my mother’s advice and allowed the psychiatric quacks to meddle with my brain chemistry when I was a teenager.
        She is now in end stage benzo and she ain’t coming back from it.

  • JaedoDrax

    Did she award costs to remington?

    did anyone try to sue the manufacturers of pressure cookers after the boston bombing?

    • infedel

      …or manufacturers of cars, knives, hammers, axes, chainsaws, pharmaceuticals, and rogue regulators and politicians that are killing us.

    • GrimmCreeper

      Stop! Don’t give the slip and fall ambulance chasers any more ideas.

  • Alain

    What we should be seeing are the families of victims of jihad, killed or seriously wounded within their own country, suing their government for importing Muslims.

    • Clausewitz

      Might be possible if Trump wins, with Hillary, not so much.

  • full disclosure

    Makes me think of jihad of the pen to make jihad of the sword easier.