Islamic State tells lone terrorists to target people on quiet walks, beaches, and night shifts


The terrorist organisation has released the second issue of its online English-language propaganda magazine Rumiyah via twitter and blogs. It contains detailed and graphic information about carrying out terror attacks including how to choose victims, how to kill them and when and where to strike. Some of the articles about slaughtering non-believers — referred to as ‘kafir’ or ‘kuffrs’ — are illustrated with images of beheaded men, weapons and a child with a gun.

  • Gary

    Memories of “The Omega Man ” where a Mutant strand of Humans became savages that couldn’t handle the truth of Sun light that exposed the Earth for its beauty.
    Charlton Heston manages to have the Anti-Virus that he injects which saves him after a Germ Warfare that turns almost everyone around him into life sucking zombies.
    These savages that take lives do not have the normal eyes to adjust to varying level of natural light. So they prey on the healthy minority that dares to go out at Night.

    Followers of islam will make it dangerous for Any unbeliever to go out at Night which will drive up the costs for products as Employers will have to supply their own Shuttle vehicles or only hire those with a Vehicle . The other option will be NO production during the longer periods of dankness from November to April , this cuts into profits and causes a huge Non Full-time staff geared to Earth’s orbit based on employee safety to avoid Lawsuits by employees attacks by followers of Islam right near the Employers Property.

    Parks, Malls, Subways , Bike trails , Gas Stations and any other areas that are similar will be soft targets for Jihadists .

    But Justin is bent on bringing in thousands of rapefugees with a Holy Book that calls for killing gays and every unbeliever in Canada.

  • Barrington Minge

    Sooner or later, we (the civilised ones) will have to start targeting these 7th century retards. Down to their level I know, but it is all they understand.

    • infedel

      True…target and ban islam from the West…non-compliance will result in ….

  • Minicapt

    Picked up one of these …

    … for yard work, etc.