Former Alberta premier Jim Prentice among 4 killed in B.C. plane crash

Former Alberta premier Jim Prentice was among the four people killed in a small-plane crash in British Columbia on Thursday night, CBC News has confirmed.

Prentice, 60, was aboard a twin-engine Cessna Citation that disappeared from radar shortly after takeoff from Kelowna, en route to the Springbank Airport, just outside Calgary.

  • simus1

    Hope he didn’t suffer.

  • Wow. Life is so precious, and one never knows when the Big Guy in the sky will sound the trumpet for one’s heavenly role call.
    Rest In Peace Honourable Jim Prentice.

    (any word on the cause? I imagine those twin engines are pretty stable compared to the single)

    • ntt1

      we are experiencing a series of wind storms at present they are the remains of a typhoon out in the pacific, it has been pretty wild here the last few days mountainous country is difficult enough with out gusting winds

      • I’ve been in a single engine Cessna in high wind and we were thrown around like a styrofoam cup (during a landing but the excellent pilot saved the day).

        Maybe that was the assumption, that the twin would normally weather high winds.

        • canminuteman

          The plane is a small twin engine “business jet”. It’s an order of magnitude more sophisticated than a little Cessna 172. That being said, its still pretty small and probably feels the effects of the weather.

      • Linda1000

        Lots of fog this time of year in the mountains. Even in Calgary, nothing but grey in recent days, not much rain but just enough to make it cold and miserable. They would have been flying higher though?

  • Frances

    Who are the other three? They should not be nameless.

    • Linda1000

      Authorities waiting to release names until after all family is contacted or maybe families requested privacy?

    • Linda1000

      A Dr. Ken Gellatly, father of Prentice’s son-in-law was on the plane. So a double family tragedy. Two grandfathers gone. The pilot obviously, but didn’t see a name for the fourth on any Twitter messages.

      • Frances

        Thank you, LInda.

  • Dave

    Too early for jokes I know, but I wonder if he had some dirt on the Clintons.

  • The Butterfly

    Dude has had a bad year.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    It’s a sad day.
    He did some good work for us.