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Take down ‘racist’ Theodore Roosevelt statue, activists tell New York museum

“This is the most coveted museum,” said Husain. “I think that people are ignorant. It’s a white supremacist society. It doesn’t seem like it’s important [renaming the day] but it is super important” for oppressed people.

The group started with a 10-stop tour of the museum in which they highlighted a variety of exhibits they felt were racist and misrepresentative, which ranged from how the representation of Africans reinforces negative stereotypes to the exoticizing of Islam in the Hall of Islam exhibit. “Where is the Hall of Christendom?” one of the tour guides asked.

“It’s just to echo what this is, it’s really a hall of white supremacy, that’s what this is,” said Nitasha Dhillon, one of the organizers.


Four black men are arrested ‘for beating a white Alabama high school student over Facebook posts supporting Blue Lives Matter’

Police in Alabama have arrested four black men in connection with the beating of a white Alabama high school student who had posted pro-Blue Lives Matter Comments in support of cops.

In a statement, Sylacauga Police Chief Kelley Johnson says four recent Sylacauga High School students were arrested Tuesday following the September 30 attack against 17-year-old Brian Ogle.

Ogle’s mother, Brandi Allen, says her son responded to students wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts at his school with Blue Lives Matter. He was hospitalized with serious head injuries.


Two Arrested After Pointing Gun At Trump Supporters, Children

The victims stated they had just been at a gas station at 1409 Highway 231 to get fuel to make the trip home after attending the rally for political candidate Donald Trump. They were wearing Trump t-shirts. They were approached by two men who yelled profanities at them because of their t-shirts.

The victims responded by affirming their support of the candidate and got into their black Jeep to travel on Highway 231. The victims noticed a grey Chevrolet Tahoe following them and when they stopped at a red light, the Tahoe pulled up alongside their vehicle and one of the suspects pointed a silver handgun at the victims, putting them in fear for their lives. The victims pulled away at a high rate of speed and it was at that point they spotted the BCSO deputy.


Kathleen Wynne Blames Your Family For Costly New Tax

While defending her government’s new tax on home heating fuels and gasoline, the premier said that the new tax is necessary because Ontarians are “very bad actors in terms of our per capita emissions.” That’s right, the new tax on keeping your family warm in the winter and on your daily commute to work is because Ontarians are “bad actors.”


Canadian Syrian refugee: Security screening is a “joke”; anyone can pass it

“Syrian refugees are fleeing terrorism and as people who know the Middle East know that Syria has always been historically a country of well educated, thoughtful engaged successful middle class and there are a lot of pharmacists and bankers and professionals among these Syrian refugees just looking to start a new life, start it over from scratch, but create opportunities for their children that are simply no longer existing in Syria.

And … yes to take the security concerns seriously, meaning each one of these 25,000 refugees who welcomed in are went through an extensive security screening, and security will always remain a concern but there was never either or between security and welcoming refugees. We’ve always being able to do that together and we intend to to do that.”


America Must Understand Sharia Law Is Greater Than The Constitution, Therefore Muslims Are ABOVE The Law

The Director of the Dallas Council on American- Islamic Relations (CAIR), Mustafa Carroll, made a surprising and shocking statement during a Muslim rally in Austin, Texas.

He said, “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land. He firmly believes that the message of the Qur’an is supreme over the United States constitution.


University of Toronto student fascists try to shut down free speech rally

At the University of Toronto, Gender Studies students say they are the victims of oppression because a Psychology professor won’t address them by their preferred pronouns, which have no linguistic or factual scientific basis. They feel they have the right to silence anyone with whom they disagree.
Our universities’ so-called “critical studies” programs are producing ridiculous, fascist imbeciles with a massively inflated sense of entitlement. If it weren’t so dangerous to the health of society, it’d be hilarious.


U. Florida Wants Students to Report Politically Incorrect Halloween Costumes

Taxpayer-funded officials at the University of Florida are urging students who feel offended or triggered by Halloween costumes to report the costumes to the public school’s “Bias Education and Response Team.”

“Some Halloween costumes reinforce stereotypes of particular races, genders, cultures, or religions,” an unsigned Oct. 10 dispatch from the University of Florida administration informs students. “Regardless of intent, these costumes can perpetuate negative stereotypes, causing harm and offense to groups of people.”


We’re In An Information War — It’s Time To Wake Up

People have accepted media bias for too long. The mainstream media is not worth their weight in credibility. But the damning proof before us of Clinton campaign collusion with major media is another beast altogether. It proves their sole intent is to dupe American people and feed our nation propaganda.

I wish it stopped there.

The Clinton camp was aware that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding ISIS. However, that didn’t stop the campaign from taking $10 million from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The Clinton campaign is not just guilty of treason for taking shady money from countries funding ISIS and our enemies — but also of illegally coordinating with the propagandistic SuperPac “Correct The Record.”