Calais officials refuse to tell ‘overwhelmed’ communities where ‘Jungle’ migrants will go


Michel Lalande, the regional prefect, said, in light of the rise in anti-immigrant backlash and protests, the information could not be divulged for “security reasons”.

  • k2

    These traitorous politicians would be wise not to disclose their own locations – for “security reasons”.

  • Dana Garcia

    The invaders will probably be sent to Paris, which is already so diversified nobody will notice.

  • Frances

    OTT, but just heard Jim Prentice, former Alberta Premier, has been killed in a plane crash near Kelowna.

  • Pitchfork time!

  • Why do these buggers keep calling it “backlash” — like there’s something inherently violent or intimidating about a legitimate peaceful civil protest? Meanwhile, with genuinely violent and intimidating protests such as BLM they would never call it a “backlash”. Cop cars burning, people being assaulted, windows smashed, guns being fired, and the spineless Politicians describe it in the mildest terms possible.

    And then there’s the term “anti-immigrant” — it’s not anti-immigrant, it’s anti mass immigration of un-vetted migrants from areas of the world where there is extreme religious supremacist violence and where we know for a fact that they are exporting the religious supremacist violence through that self-same un-vetted mass immigration.

    When we decide to hang our lying fascist Politicians I honestly hope it resembles what Italian villagers did to the Fascist leader Mussolini during WWII — he and his cohorts were executed, then the villagers hung them upside down by their feet in the public square for everybody to see. It would be totally cool to see the likes of Merkel et al hung in the public square — not metaphorically but literally:

  • simus1

    The whole bunch should be flown down to Chad and Burkina Faso for a few years of “additional evaluation” and “useful trades training” on a variety of foreign aid projects in very unhealthy remote parts of Africa. Then send them home.
    Those that persist by showing up again could be offered the longer “more advanced” post graduate version.

  • Barrington Minge

    Back to the jungle. monkey see, monkey do!!