BOMBSHELL: Clinton Foundation Donors Expected ‘Benefits In Return For Gifts’

An independent “governance review” conducted by a prominent law firm that specializes in philanthropic issues concluded in December 2010 that the Clinton Foundation had a weak, rubber stamp board of directors and that many of its donors had “an expectation of a quid pro quo benefits in return for gifts.”

The blistering review — made public Thursday by WikiLeaks — described a tax-exempt public foundation with none of the independent oversight required under federal charity law. The Clinton Foundation reported $187 million in net assets in 2011.

  • No surprise.

  • The Butterfly

    Our basic corporate training even warned us not to donate to the charities of politicians, because they are probably just fronts for bribery.

  • Minicapt

    First Prize: One night of passion and ecstasy in the bed of Hillary Clinton, mentored and guided by Billy-Jeff.