The Real Deplorables

At Sunday night’s clown-show debate, Donald Trump once again invoked Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” sneer from about a month ago, in which she hectored millions of Americans who will be voting for the Republican ticket in November as a “basket” of unsalvageable losers.

“She calls our people deplorable—a large group—and irredeemable,” charged Trump. “I will be a president for all of our people.”

It’s correct that the rant continues to haunt Hillary, because although she technically later withdrew it—as another instance of her conveniently “misspeaking”—it revealed something fundamental about her worldview. Because most Clinton loyalists in the political-commentary racket also adhere to this worldview, the tenets underlying it merit further examination: their explanation for “Trumpism” will have long-term ramifications, regardless of which candidate wins.