The Growing Danger of Military Conflict with Russia

Once more, the circle in U.S.-Russia relations is complete. The Clinton administration took office in 1993 promising a “Bill and Boris” strategic partnership between the two countries, and ended with recriminations over the Kosovo operation, with Gen. Wesley Clark prepared to start World War III to block the arrival of Russian peacekeepers in Pristina. George W. Bush left the Ljubljana summit with Vladimir Putin in summer 2001 promising a qualitatively different U.S.-Russia relationship, which seemed to bear fruit in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, but concluded his term dealing with the Russian incursion into Georgia with calls from his own party, especially in Congress, for a forceful U.S. response. Barack Obama was going to reset relations with Russia, and now, in the weeks remaining in office, is facing demands from his own State Department and Department of Defense for drawing a line in the sand in Syria against Russian airstrikes on a besieged Aleppo—even at the risk of a face-to-face confrontation between American and Russian forces.

  • simus1

    Putin and erdogan having a long discreet publicly acknowledged chat at “some international function they both happened to be attending” must leave Emperor Barry and Hitlery wondering what the heck the “cool kids” are up to now.

    • Let the Ruskies do what they want in their own backyard.

      They have a huge Islam problem.

      In the long run, if the Islam problem isn’t dealt with, the entire area will be Islamic.

      No matter what happens – there will be lots of blood. Get out of the way and let the Russians deal with the problem. And watch how they do it.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    If generals tend to fight the last war, politicians are prone to fight the last cold war.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    They’re also forgetting the other growing danger: men who will just check out of it and go to jail for not fighting. Why defend a nation that wants nothing to do with you?

  • Vietnam 2.0

  • SMC_BC

    Interesting short piece by E. Michael Jones

  • Hard Little Machine

    This is a near zero probability. The west, particularly the US only HAS a foreign policy to the extent they can exploit it for their own electoral politics. Obama, Hillary and to be fair Trump too, don’t care what happens. No one’s going to war for Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Latvia, the South China sea or anywhere else. In that sense Trump was right when he indicated that NATO is irrelevant.

  • Remember when Mitt Romney called Russia a threat and everyone laughed at him?

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Trump has claimed that he wants to work with Russia in defeating ISIS but at the same time does not like Putin?

      One has to wonder what Trump’s real goal is with regards to attacking Russia because the centre of US politics is never-ending war and an agenda of world war 3.

      Trump and Romney had goals of making America great, but are we supposed to only trust Republicans in what they say but ignore Democrats when they say the same things as well? Which is why both sides have to be hated because it is a trap and a trap which will lead to pitting people against each other when the Libertarians and Greens are so close to breaking this deadlock. Americans are sick and tired of the mainstream and yet Trump is the hero, and the same with Clinton?

      Both these parties destroyed the USA. The USA is despised and hated worldwide for their recklessness and not fulfilling their promises.

      Another important point to bring up is since you mention about Romney and him saying that Russia was a threat is that a point of saying that we need a nuclear war to end humanity or start a war with Russia?

      Interesting how people only listen when it is their party that they have supported all their lives and have no recourse to switch or do anything different. Interesting!!

      • Trump has no idea what he is doing but, then again, neither does Obama. Whose wishes were transmitted to Putin before the last election? Who was missing when the embassy in Benghazi was being attacked? Who funds the Syrian rebels (ISIS)? Who thwarts Israel? Who kow-tows to the Saudis and the Iranians and every other Muslim crackpot?

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          It is the checks and balances that keep the US in this feeback loop where it cannot change. As for transmitting stuff to Medvedev and Putin and resets, that was just after years of Bush and there was a honeymoon of well wishes after the Bush years.

          As for Benghazi, let us first understand that it was originally Sarkozy and Cameron that wanted that war in Libya and Obama and Harper and all other world leaders in the West wanted that NATO mission. That gave rise to ISIS because of the weapon caches so ISIS formed on many fronts whether it is Saudi money, Iraqi Al Qaeda, Libya and many other wars and funding.

          As for supporting Muslims, this goes back years and whoever is president cannot fully decouple from each nation and it is really just trying to alter and progress one way or another from what the last president did.

          This is the true nature of every Western nation and how each nation differs on policy and movements.

          • Billy Bob Thornton


          • Oh, please – Obama was caught on a hot mike ready to give Putin whatever he wanted.

            Fat lot of good it has done Obama now.

            Stop blaming everyone BUT Obama for these current messes.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    What I notice about the right wing is they never see the big picture. They want short-term policies but stories like this show how immoral they truly are.

    They do not think in terms of what future attacks would have in the greater scheme of things.

    Don’t they realize that if Nixon won the 1960 election that most of the world would be still reeling from nuclear war and about 90 to 95% of humanity would be dead. I thank JFK for that.

    Trump is just another hothead and Clinton is just as bad because both of these parties do not care about humanity as a whole.

    Their supporters are the same way. They only think about their movement but not about the near 90 to 95% that would die from nuclear war in major cities across the globe.

    Remember that in the past two weeks that generals from the agencies in the US laughed about Russia and want world war 3. They know that the only recourse left to save the US dollar and the US is a hot war which humanity would lose.

    Touching the Syrian army would mean the death knell for humanity as a whole and it would take thousands if not tens of thousands of years for life to reach normality and the world to be back to normal. This is not a joke, yet people think this is a game.

    Even attacking Iran would result in the same outcome.

    I find this disgusting how the right and left are united in the mainstream about Russia and I think whoever is the winner will have no choice but to have a confrontation with Russia because the West cannot fix itself through mainstream means any longer. We are at a point of negative interest rates, debt up to our eyeballs, proxy wars, economic wars, trade wars, sanctions, and the lists go on.

    Something will have to give at some point, and that point is near and coming fast!!