Sound Vision: Spreading Islamism to the Youth With Puppets, Hashtags, and Goofy Billboards

muslim-billboardIn August, one Chicago-based, 501(c)3 organization, Sound Vision, trotted out a bizarre idea when they unveiled a billboard in Chicago featuring words written like chalk on a blackboard: “Hey ISIS, you suck!!! From: #ActualMuslims”.

This was part of the group’s overall efforts to target millennials through juvenile phrasing and the use of a Twitter hashtag. The Islamist group specializes in reaching out to young people, both Muslims and nonbelievers alike. It accomplishes this goal through a variety of methods and mediums that target both children and adults.

  • Ah, “moderates”.

  • Brett_McS

    Yes, “Life is Sacred” … to the Jews, but not the Muslims, as it actually admits in the Quran 5:32 verse they highlight and subsequent verses. I suppose they have worked out that Millennials aren’t readers and won’t bother looking it up.

  • Gary

    At least these muslims admit that ISIS members and supporters are in Chicago and are very fluent in English to read the ad while on the way to their Government job.

    The billboards doesn’t tell young muslims to stay away from armed jihad or terrorism for allah.

    Typical taqiyyah to appear to denounce Jihad when it’s right in the Quran
    as duty for every male over 13….just ask Omar Khadr who learned how to make IED’s at age 12.

    CAIR Florida coaches muslims to not help the FBI which is why the Pulse Club slaughter was successful and how so many muslims at the jihadists mosque never saw him or knew him.

  • moraywatson

    But I thought ISIS has nothing to do with islam ?