Romania: Lawsuit Launched to Stop Bucharest Mega-Mosque

Opponents of a proposed Turkish mega-mosque in Romania’s capital, Bucharest, have filed a lawsuit against the government in an effort to halt the project. The court is set to begin hearing the case on October 14.

The lawsuit seeks to reverse a June 2015 decision by the Romanian prime minister at the time, Victor Ponta, to approve construction of what could become the largest mosque in Eastern Europe — second only to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul — on a large tract of city-owned land in northern Bucharest.

The property, valued at more than four million euros ($4.4 million), is being provided for free by the Romanian government, while the construction costs, estimated at three million euros ($3.3 million), are being paid for by Turkey.

  • simus1

    Vote whores offering up public land for a mosque?
    No discussion? No vote?

    That is the sort of thing you would expect to happen in Canada.

    Or Quebec.

    Confusing story.
    turkey likely provided a $3.3m bribe. The construction costs will require petrodollars and lots of them from much more affluent patrons.

  • John

    The land was probably donated, but only after a donation *fee* was paid.

  • Clinton

    Since its supposed “westernization” after WWI and the fall of the Ottoman
    sultans, Turkey has been the poster child for what a “moderate Islam”- run
    state would look like. Hell, there’s even been considerable push to admit
    Turkey to the EU– but this most “moderate” of muslim states is deeply
    anti-Christian and anti-Western despite its veneer of European culture.

    Up until a hundred years ago, the Catholic and Orthodox monarchies of
    Europe kept pressure on the Ottomans to safeguard the Christian minorities
    that lived in the mideast. In 1918, at the fall of the Ottoman empire, the
    population of Turkey was 20% Christian. But after the rise of the left in
    Europe, the West stopped demanding that the Turks respect the rights of
    their Christian minorities, with predictable results. Over the past 100 years,
    the Christian population of Turkey has fallen from 20% to 0.15%– it’s
    been almost entirely wiped out– by the world’s most “moderate”, “western”,
    muslim state.

    The leftist, socialist political elites of Europe have an anti-Christian bias of
    their own, and couldn’t care less what happens to the repressed Christian
    minorities of the mideast. Muslim states like Turkey will continue to be
    allowed to finance their incursions into European culture without any demands
    from Europe for corresponding accommodation for Christian minorities in
    muslim lands.

    The notion of a western-style, moderate, tolerant muslim state is a fantasy.
    No such thing exists and the political elites of the West need to wake up
    and admit that truth. It’s too late for the ancient Christian populations of
    the mideast, and soon it’ll be too late for western Europe.

  • Man_with_Hat

    No wonder the Roma left. Maybe they’ll return. Bernie Farber will negotiate settlements from both Romanian and Turkish governments for his Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.

  • canminuteman

    You’d think that after being part of the ottoman empire they would be a bit suspicious of the turks.