Louis Smith: I’ve had death threats for mocking Islam

louis-smith-mocks-islamOlympic medal-winning gymnast Louis Smith has told BBC 5 live that he’s had death threats “every day” since a video was leaked showing him mocking Islamic prayers.

Talking to Emma Barnett, he admitted that he and fellow gymnast Luke Carson were drunk when they filmed the late-night video, which started with singing songs from the musical Aladdin after a wedding, and ended up with them using a rug to imitate the Muslim call to prayer.

Tell me again why immigration from Islamic states has been a good thing?

  • k1962

    There is absolutely NOTHING good about it and as such it isn’t necessary. If we need more immigrants (which we don’t) there are plenty of other people we could choose.

  • Millie_Woods

    It’s teaching the left respect for religion. But only the religion that will kill them if they don’t respect it.