Hollywood A-listers should stop shrieking and admit Trump was right – when you are a star, women let you do what you want

As awful as Donald Trump is, as oafish his attitude to women, I think his celebrity haters are even worse. Since the Trump tape was leaked, and The Donald’s special way with the ladies made public, Tinseltown has started to emit a collective shriek of A-list rage. Mark Ruffalo (the Incredible Hulk) and pals have begun an anti-Trump petition: ‘Artists United Against Hate’; Cher compared Trump to Hitler; Jennifer Lawrence has said that she thinks the world might actually end if Trump won. Robert De Niro has released a video in which he simply insults Trump straight to camera: ‘He’s a punk, a dog. He’s a pig…I’d like to punch him in the face.’

I’d like to give them all a shake, for being such appalling hypocrites.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As Billy Joel sang:

    I am the entertainer, and I’ve been around the world.
    I’ve made me lots of money, and I’ve laid me lots of girls.

  • Will Quest

    When will Hillary be blessed with a gang of Kids singing her praise similar to the creepy Obama Kids ……

    • full disclosure

      Looks like something that would happen in North Korea.

  • vwVwwVwv
  • vwVwwVwv
  • Gary

    Hollywood is know for pumping out sexism under the 1st Amendment where thier films debased women and have often treated Rape as common while Whoopi Godlberg said that Polanski’s rape wasn’t a real Rape Rape.
    Look at how these air head actors and Bill Maher bashed Sarah Palin while Maher paints him self as the Moral yard stick of Liberals.
    Maher bashes islam for how it treats women and yet HE spew that most vile misogyny slurs

    We haven’t even gone near the Hip Hop music with Lyrics that Hillary has yet to condemn for the Bitches and Ho’s that would expose Obama as a fraud for his Parties where he invite raps stars to the White House .
    Hillary is a racist to accept Blacks as low IQ peons where men and thugs selling drug and beating women while the women spread their legs for money and flash their booty for Obama and Bill .

  • RAMA44
    • The best comic of the election cycle.

      • Slickfoot The Deplorable

        MSNBC is there too, you just can’t see them.

  • Is this the same crowd who defended Roman Polanski?