Dutch government plans to legalise assisted suicide for those who are terminally bored…

wtf-dude2Dutch government plans to legalise assisted suicide for those who feel they have ‘completed life’ but are not necessarily terminally ill

  • Liberal Progressive

    Its the right thing to do as they don’t have enough affordable housing for all the Moroccans and Turkish refugees who still want to come and culturally diversify the country.

    • A valid point, clearly I had not thought this through.

      • Clink9

        They are the ultimate Care Bears. They care a lot.

    • Dana Garcia

      Yes, plenty of diverse replacement units are lined up to become “new Dutch.”

  • RAMA44

    Great headline.You’re on your game today. LOL

  • ontario john

    Oh look honey, grandpa looks bored. Lets knock him off.

  • The assumption seems to be that there cannot possibly be an afterlife, whereby we are held responsible for our actions in this life. In other words there cannot possibly something like God or a creator who entrusted us with the gift of life.

    Even if I project myself into the mindset of an atheist I don’t think I would want to roll the dice on that by assuming I had the right to take my own life, or by inculcating others to do it for me.

    • BurkeT

      For many atheists – probably not all, but many – I think that their worldview comes with an attached, underlying, sometimes subconscious, sense of despair. It is truly a tough and sad way to go through life, as far I can tell.

  • Mannie

    Life is cheap in te Netherlands.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Hopefully it will be run by a committee of Muslim Nazis who make all those choices for people whether they want them or not. Just round them up and bring them to collection centers where their population can be concentrated for efficiency’s sake.

  • Canadian soldiers died for this.

  • Slickfoot The Deplorable

    How about for the terminally boring?

    • Clausewitz

      That would help us in getting rid of about 95% of the CBC staff. I think you’re on to something.

  • Spatchcocked

    Where do I sign up?

  • I think it’s just “Dutch economics” at work — gotta get rid of citizens who no longer contribute to the treasury.

    ** WARNING ** politically incorrect joke below

    Who can buy something from a Jew, sell it to Scotsman, and still make a profit?
    A Dutchman.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    “Me”: I’m going out kicking and screaming. Did enough bad shit, I’m worried about the other side.

    • FactsWillOut

      Hamilton already is hell, what’re ya worried about?

  • FactsWillOut

    Paging Dr. Mengele!

    Here in the less civilized provinces, we have “suicide hot-lines” funded by the state, whose job it is to talk folk out of killing themselves. I guess in Europe, those same “hot-lines” will be a delivery service for “doctors” with lethal injections. There once was a thing in Europe called “The Sanctity of Life”, but no longer, it seems. I look forward to the Europeans issuing suicide belts to the poor unfortunates who feel that life is no longer worth living, so that they may at least look forward to 72 raisins and some sherbet.

    Comment from the article:

    “It starts with people who want to die. But it won’t be long until it’s people for whom it has been decided by others (i.e. politicians) that it is time for them to die.”

    Who can say what a century of desensitizing can do to our great-grandchildren?

    “A brilliant move by government. The one thing governments do and do well is killing, and now they’re touting it as a service.”