“After that we hope that they would have a job”

But they’ll never tell us. One way or the other.

  • bob e

    this idiot won’t be commenting when a jihadi blows a modern mall
    to pieces ..

    • felis gracilis

      Neither will his boss. They will probably send poor old Ragin’ Ralphie out to face the public. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

  • eMan14

    How could they possibly not know these people would have large numbers of children? Are they stupid?
    When they are being “vetted”, don’t they ask them how many children they have?

    • Kathy Prendergast

      I’ve seen very large families of them on the buses in Vancouver, pushing newborn and 1-year-old babies in huge double strollers and dragging along two or three toddlers and preschoolers. Why on earth they are being settled in the most expensive city in Canada, where no-one who isn’t a millionaire has a hope of living in anything bigger than a shoebox, is beyond me. Also seen a few mothers that look shockingly young, unless they are older sisters saddled with childcare, as well as a number of pregnant women…(hey, great idea; we’re war refugees in a strange land with no money, no job prospects, and an uncertain future, so let’s have another baby!) Made sense back in days when birth control was either illegal or hard to come by, but surely in this day and age any couple with an iota of sense would try not to add to their problems, unless we really are getting the dumbest or most fanatically religious of the lot. Some Muslim countries have a birthrate as low as most Western ones.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    School boards all over Canada are struggling to deal with the huge influx of these “refugees du jour”, at the expense of Canadian schoolchildren and even other refugees. There is a Rebel Media report via the Freedom of Information Act that shows, though correspondence among teachers and other members of the school boards, that all is not going well. A school in BC moved some Karen refugee children (these are ethnic minorities facing persecution in parts of Southeast Asia) from classrooms to make room for the Syrians. They are being thrown into the public schools with no extra English instruction, Arabic translators, or any support for either them or the teachers. It sounds like many of them have PSTD and are not getting enough parental attention because they have several younger siblings; either that or violent, defiant, and disruptive behaviour is the norm in their culutre. One report suggested some of them aren’t even being taught how to use western-style toilets properly, so they are just peeing on the floor in the bathrooms, which of course the other kids notice. Tell me again why these people are better off here, rather than in some other safe Arab or Muslim country (from where many of them came to Canada, which means they are not even refugees at all) where there wouldn’t be these extreme cultural clashes and communication problems?