YouTube muzzles PragerU’s conservative content, group ‘no option but to go public’

The conservative nonprofit organization Prager University announced Tuesday that it has no choice but to “go public” over YouTube’s attempts to muzzle its educational videos.

Tens of millions of people watch Prager University’s academic videos each year for their ability to easily articulate American principles within minutes. The organization started by popular radio host Dennis Prager now says much of its all-ages content is being classified under “restricted mode” for objectionable content.

  • Dana Garcia

    Prager’s seriousness, logic and clarity are what scare the Tuber weenies.

    • This is so bizarre. They are crazy at Youtube.

      • B__2

        They are not crazy – they are fox-like cunning. When you can’t argue – or won’t argue – you censor your opponent to prevent anyone else seeing the material, specially when that potential audience is the young.

        “You know when you’re over the target when you start taking flak”

        • Alain


  • The Butterfly

    YouTube has officially jumped the shark.

  • V10_Rob

    The MSM’s mediums (television, print, radio) is firmly under control.

    To stifle the independent media, you need to control their mediums (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) so they can’t get their message out.

  • Brett_McS

    Lefties think everything is some form of bureaucracy because it’s the only form of organisation they are familiar with. They think that once they take it over they can do anything they want with it and the people will still patiently wait in line.

    They don’t understand the need for Customer Focus in retaining ‘market leader’ position in a competitive environment.

  • xavier

    So porno’s ok but not conservative/p reservations list ideas no.


    • Alain

      Yup, you got it.

      • xavier

        Looks like we’ll have to develop our own samidzat networks