Tony Clement drops out of Conservative leadership race

Conservative leadership contender Tony Clement is dropping out of the race to replace Stephen Harper.

The Ontario MP said his campaign didn’t raise enough money to meet the “financial realities of this race.”

  • As long as PM Hair-Boy has backers, he will be in place.

    That, and until one of the bloodthirsty Liberals attempts a coup.

    I wait for that day.

    • AmicusC

      that thought gives me goosebumps. *in a bad way

      • Like things could get any worse?

        • AmicusC

          Somewhat true, but at least time constrains how much he can totally f. The longer he his there more he can f

          • But not for long.

            How embarrassing it must be for other Liberals to watch this excrescence lead the party because his daddy was prime minister.

            Never under-estimate the greed of sharks.

  • AmicusC

    good that would have been a crappy leader of party.