NBC/WSJ Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Losing Significant Ground Post-Debate

More on that very strange NBC poll…

“…Unfortunately, the headline on NBC’s news article trumpeting the new poll numbers — “Post-Debate Poll Shows Clinton Holding 9-Point Lead Over Trump” — radically mischaracterizes the results of its own poll. The post-debate poll data showed nothing of the sort. In fact, the post-debate data actually show Hillary Clinton with a mere 5-point lead in the four-way race and a 2-point lead in the two-way race. The inclusion of data from two pre-debate days is required to show a 9-point Clinton lead in the four-way race.

It is unclear why NBC not only buried the lede about its own post-debate polling showing a tight race, but why it felt compelled to mischaracterize its own mixed poll, which combined pre- and post-debate survey data, as a purely post-debate poll. The only post-debate data in the survey shows a close race and a dwindling Clinton lead. Whether that dynamic will continue is obviously yet to be seen.”