Monsef case raises security concerns

Canadians are still left wondering about key details in the Maryam Monsef controversy.

Unanswered questions go beyond the details of Monsef’s early life in Iran and Afghanistan.

When Monsef was selected as a Liberal candidate in Peterborough, when she was elected to Parliament and again, when she was appointed to cabinet, she would have been screened and vetted.

So her past was scrutinized by her party, the government and Canada’s intelligence agency, CSIS.

Obtaining security clearance from the government is no trivial process.

  • Exile1981

    Deport her for fraud; if Trudeau continues to protect her it means the rule of law is dead and we no longer have to obey it either.

    • Chris

      The rule of law for the ruling elite is dead, we ordinary peons still get crucified.

    • xavier

      Agreed and I hope that the provinces pile on. If I were a premier i’de make it very clear I won’the enforce any law that interferes with the exclusive competencies. So no carbon tax.

      Time for the people to do the same. The laws don’the apply to them either

  • It’s simple: she lied about a basic fact about herself and that is against the law.

    Not that Liberal voters care about that sort of thing.

  • Martin B

    Is our government above the law? Yes.

    Does our government give a #$%$ about our security? No.

  • WalterBannon

    How is she still allowed to sit in the house?

    She is not a legal citizen.

    Trudeau’s failure to expel her makes him an accessory to her crime.

    He should be deported with her.

  • P_F

    I wonder what our conservatives are doing on this case? Being the opposition party in the parliament aren’t they suppose to raise this question?
    It seems like they are in cahoots with liberals on any immigration issue.

    • Will Quest

      All Tongue tied by Political Correctness…. they don’t want to be seen as attacking a womyn of ethnicity and of a protected ideology that would be so islamophobia and racist too…….

      • Will Quest
      • Frances

        Forget that nonsense – can’t the PC’s or the NDP’s find a woman of ethnicity on their own side to do the attacking? Particularly since rumours of her being born in Iran have apparently been circulating in her riding area for years.

        • Will Quest

          It would still translate as a mean racist conservative female attacking a pet minority …….
          That’s how the cards are stacked …….

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    That picture is perfect. It’s the morons at Trent that got her elected.

    • Chris

      I live in her riding and it wasn’t the trent students. There was a huge swell of hatred for dean del mastro and the progressives made sure he was always a current topic of conversation everywhere. As dim as some of the population of Peterborough may be, even they remember the chaos and disaster that an NDP government can cause so Monsef was a shoe in.

  • Will Quest

    Ring a ding-ding! Baby ……
    She dint no nuffin! nuffin……..
    now leave her alone and let her change our democratic process , on TWITTER !
    Arguably, sweet Maryam Monsef was never the brightest ‘Halogen’ – bulb in our tater-tot’s { little potato } big doll-house on the Hill….. well now it’s empirical, she certainly isn’t . Time to replace that flickering Halogen-bulb…….

  • Gary

    She’s the MP for that area where the Mosque fabricated an arson attack right after the Jihad slaughter in Europe which is common to deflect the media from the victims to how Muslims are the real victims.
    The Mosque accepted close to $200,000.00 in donations from the community which ruined the taqiyyah to paint canada i s islamophobic. But the weasel Imam talked to Justin , when he visited the Mosque to condemn islamophobia and support the Imam and muslims , and let it slip that the Mosque had Insurance to cover the damage.
    Oops , the Imam took the $200,000.00 while knowing the Insurance Co would pay for damages. Isn’t that fraud just as if I posted a public story that my home was torched and i took money knowing the Home Insurance would pay for the damages???

    Monsef has real problem because no matter which nation she claims she was born in , they both live by Sharia and murder gays while abusing women.
    i have yet to hear her denounce her Homeland of iran or Afghnaistan which means that Justin is fine with iran hanging gays while the Taliban kills girls going to schools.

    But Justin marched in PRIDE this year and is a Feminists too don’t you know. Let’s not ruin his image with facts that he condones murdering gays and flogging women when it’s Muslims that doing it.

  • Liberal Progressive

    To question her citizenship is a clear case of Islamophobia and anybody who questions her right to be a citizen should be charged for Islamophobia.

    After all who is a “real” Canadian? As Justin declared, Canada is the first post-national entity!

    • Clausewitz

      You keep forgetting the sarc off tag.