Islamist girls’ school which taught that gay people could be killed and men could beat women faces closure two years after pupil exposed its sharia-style regime

Aliyah Saleem exposed Islamist School

Aliyah Saleem exposed Islamist School

An Islamist girls’ boarding school which taught that men could beat women and that gay men could be killed faces closure after a student whistleblower exposed its worrying practices.

Aliyah Saleem was expelled in front of the entire school in 2011 just for owning a disposable camera.

Following her expulsion Ms Saleem spoke out about her treatment at Jamia Al Hudaa girls’ school in Nottingham, saying she was not taught geography, history, art or music.

  • Editor

    Well. she’s an islamophobe bigot then, isn’t she?

  • Two years to shut it down?

  • Hybird

    Why the surprise? All Muslims believe this. It’s straight from Allah in the Koran and Mohammad in the Hadith. Any Muslim who says that women should never be beaten and gays should not be killed is a blasphemer…and we know what happens to blasphemers, too! This is Islam, folks!