Democrats Say WikiLeaks Is a Russian Front, U.S. Intelligence Isn’t So Sure

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC accuse Julian Assange of working with Moscow to elect Donald Trump by leaking embarrassing emails. Are they getting ahead of U.S. intelligence?

On Monday, Clinton’s spokesman called WikiLeaks “a propaganda arm” of the Kremlin and accused the site’s founder, Julian Assange, of “colluding with [the] Russian government to help Trump” by leaking embarrassing emails taken from the Democratic National Committee and from the account of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. That statement went further than an assessment by U.S. intelligence agencies and the Homeland Security Department last week that stopped short of explicitly naming WikiLeaks as a Russian agent.

  • Alain

    If only Russia were still communist, the Democrats would be singing love songs. Disgusting lot.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They’re both psychotic liars so the truth is utterly unknowable

  • GrimmCreeper

    Whatever. They wrote what they wrote. That’s the real story, though the Clinton/Obama establishment a$$ licking press would have you believe otherwise.

  • QiPo

    It’s snowing in Hades. They are accusing their bosses!

  • Millie_Woods

    And Russia is being manipulated by Trump, PBUH.

  • glasnost

    Question: Are the emails authentic?
    Clinton answer: The Russians hacked them.
    Question: But are the emails authentic?
    Clinton answer: But the Russians!

  • JoKeR
  • xavier

    Says the woman who took cash from a canadian from an ex Soviet Stan that gave Russia control of 20% of America’s uranium

  • RAMA44
  • Jay Currie

    If not the Russians then the Chinese…anything to avoid actually dealing with the contents of the emails. And, having read a few of them, they damn Hilly and they pretty much put paid to any pretense MSM has to objectivity.

  • Flyboy

    The Democrats have no problem provoking an international incident with Russia to distract from their sleazy ways – political power aces national security. What a bunch of low-life’s.

    • Alain

      They continue trying through NATO while ignoring the Muslim threat.