Court shuts down latest bid to deport Muslim accused of terror links

OTTAWA — An appeal court has rejected the federal government’s latest legal salvo in a long-standing bid to deport a Toronto man over alleged terrorist ties.

In a new ruling, the Federal Court of Appeal says there are no grounds to contest a judge’s decision to strike down a national security certificate against Egyptian-born Mahmoud Jaballah.

…There was no immediate word on whether the government would appeal the latest ruling.

Jaballah arrived with his family in Canada in 1996 using a false Saudi passport. He sought refugee status on the basis he was wanted by Egyptian authorities on charges of inciting violence and that he would be killed if sent back.

A Canadian Security Intelligence Service investigation led to the first of three security certificates being issued against him, the most recent dating from early 2008.

  • ontario john

    And great news for Islamic Heritage Month. Chris Alexander the leadership hopeful for the Conservative Party wants to bring in 400 hundred thousand muslim immigrants a year. Praise Allah!

  • Spatchcocked

    We give ourselves the rope to hang ourselves.
    How they must laugh and jeer at our deep stupidity.

  • pdxnag

    How long before Not a single one gets replaced with Every single one?

  • Alain

    Time to ensure that these unelected judges who know nothing of national security have their neighbourhood flooded with these terrorists, and without providing them with security.

  • There is the Canadian legal system for you.

    • bob e

      it has happened all over the western world.

  • bob e

    they are gonna’ reap this big time. just effin’ ridiculous ..
    this is amazing. over & over we see this behavior ..
    like some hypnotic cloud ..

  • k1962

    I guess the rights of the person who came in using a fake passport are much more important than the rights of the rest of us to live safely and in peace.

    Stupid judges.