Anti-Semitic Attacks an Everyday Fact for London’s Orthodox Jews

Daily acts of physical and verbal abuse against members of London’s Orthodox Jewish community have become commonplace, according to a new month-long study.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Britain’s Jews should follow the lead of the esteemed investigative journalist Brian of London (BCF knows him personally) and relocate to Israel, where they will be treated as first-class citizens.

    • Hard Little Machine

      If history is any guide no more than half would ever leave no matter what. If they opened up concentration camps in the UK and fired up the furnaces, no more than half would leave. It’s like the Jews if Yemen. All you can do is provide a way to allow the half that will leave, to ANY WHERE, an easier time of it. Let’s at least hope the government doesn’t pass a new anti Jewish law where emigres have to leave 99% of their wealth behind. Best case you’re talking about 90,000 who will ultimately flee.