Why Egypt’s Muslims Resent Coptic Christians

They dare do what the Muslims’ Christian forefathers did not.

At a time when Coptic Christians are suffering abuses “every two or three days” in Egypt, a Muslim woman in America has made a video calling for more Muslim hostility against the Christian minority, in this case, in the guise of an economic boycott.

In a video, Ayat Oraby—a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer who has nearly 1.5 million followers on Facebook—recently called the Coptic church a “bunch of gangsters,” a “total mafia” that “rules [Egypt] behind the curtains.”  She accuses the Christians of “stockpiling weapons in churches” and “striving to create a Coptic statelet” in order to continue waging “a war against Islam.”

Meanwhile, back in the real world…

  • Dave

    Sand-chimps can’t tell the truth to save their lives. So odumphuk and trudope the man-child want to import boat loads of these parasites. Makes a person wonder.

  • canminuteman

    I suspect that they are hated for the same reason jews are hated in a lot of places. They are smarter, better educated, more industrius, and richer than the muslim majority.

    • xavier

      And they don’t marry their cousins, respect reason and rationality are less corrupt and basically are happier people with that Mediterranean sense of humour and joy for life

  • A Hamilton Guy

    You can’t get smart reading the stupid book.

  • Brett_McS

    Does everyone know Gad Saad (on youTube etc)? Check his stuff out if not, he does fantastic interviews with all sorts of interesting people, but especially those in the anti-Islam world. Born in the middle east (Lebanon) he is Arabic, but also a Jew, and now lives in Montreal.

  • The Butterfly

    The reason they think the Copts are stockpiling weapons in their churches, is because they themselves use their mosques to stockpile weapons.

    The reason they think the Copts are traitors to Egypt, is because they themselves are traitors of Egypt to their Arab conquerors.

    It’s all projection.

  • ontario john

    Happy Islamic Heritage Month. Maybe the Mississauga mayor can write a story in the Toronto Star, on the persecution of muslims in Egypt.

  • Again – arm Christians.

    Islamists resent anyone who can work hard and does not need a pedophilic prophet to tell them what to do.

  • k1962

    Projecting, isn’t she?