When Muslims complain about ‘Islamophobia’

She pops up like clockwork whenever there’s a townhall. Wearing a hijab and a doleful expression, the Muslim woman asks plaintively what the candidate intends to do about “Islamophobia.” She will mention that she’s one of over 3 million Muslims in the U.S., and may claim that she’s frightened to go out in public.

  • mobuyus

    Pop-up muzzies well would have thought.

  • ontario john

    As a devout muslim woman, she should not be out in public anyway. She should be at home with a bag over her head watching her husband screw farm animals.

  • Blacksmith

    “She will mention that she’s one of over 3 million Muslims in the U.S., and may claim that she’s frightened to go out in public.”

    Good stay home you slut! Where is your keeper by the way?

    • Alain

      Not enough, she is fuck off back home and get the hell out of our countries along with the rest of them.

      • Blacksmith

        Works for me.

  • Miss Trixie
  • ontario john

    And of course the legal community is always there to protect down trodden members of the religion of peace. Why we even have a judge today refusing to deport a muslim terrorist out of Canada. And in further news why the West is going down the leftist toilet, the Law Society of Ontario will not suspend a lawyer in Toronto who has been convicted of child porn. So let me get this straight, you can’t be a lawyer if you come from a Christian university, but you can if your a pervert.

  • Pavelina

    If she’s afraid to live here, the sensible thing to do is leave. Fortunately, no one is forced to stay here.

  • Cat-astrophe

    …and there are only 3 million in America now….

  • pdxnag

    Just who are you afraid of? If you do not think that apostates must be killed then you are an apostate who must be killed, under Islamic Sharia law. Do you think just like the authorities at Al Azhar University that apostates must be killed? If so, who is a afraid of you? Muslims who want to leave Islam. That’s who.

  • tom_billesley

    INTELLECTUALS who refuse to criticise extreme Islamism are allowing the ideology to take over Western values, a leading political scientist has warned.
    Machteld Zee gave a damning indictment of Islam, saying “infidels” are aiding conservative Muslims and helping them isolate Islamic communities, forcing them to become increasingly insular.
    The Dutch academic’s research has already forced Theresa May to launch an investigation into how Sharia courts treat women after gaining unprecedented access to the secretive bodies.
    Zee has since written a book called Holy Identities: On the Road to a Sharia State, which looks at the problems the Netherlands’ faces from the impacts of a multicultural society.
    According to Zee, non-Muslim intellectuals, politicians and opinion-shapers are aiding Saudi Arabia’s goal of Islamisation of the world.
    She said during an interview with Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad: “Saudi Arabia and other countries have flooded the world with thousands of imams, Islamic text books, mosques and a lot of money.”

  • Is it much a of a victory when bleeding-hearts make it possible to nag one’s way though to a caliphate?