Wheelchair-bound woman is gang-raped by six migrants at Swedish asylum centre

A wheelchair-bound woman was gang-raped by up to six migrants at a Swedish asylum centre after asking if she could use their toilet, it has been reported.

The woman, in her 30s, was sharing a taxi home with a man after going in the medieval town of Visby on Sweden’s Gotland island when she asked to stop off.

Her fellow passenger invited her inside before she was brutally set upon in the toilet, her lawyer said.

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  • Ed

    “The assault sparked anger in the town and extra police were called to the island when an angry mob attacked the asylum centre with rocks.”

    This is the effect. Everyone gets dragged down to their level.

    • It is the cost of Islam – society is destroyed.

    • Mannie

      Self defense is not “getting dragged down to their level.”

      • The progressive politicians who are responsible for this Muslim invasion need to be tried for treason and then dealt with accordingly.

    • Alain

      Ah indeed as usual the cops were called in not for the victim nor the citizens but to protect the invaders. This is now the norm throughout the West.

  • simus1

    Shit for brains would seem to be her prime handicap.

    • mobuyus

      Maybe she believed that muslims would not gang rape a wheelchair bound woman in a washroom.

  • stubb

    I’ve read about this case in Swedish media. The DA dismissed rape charges and let the men go claiming that she didn’t put up enough physical resistance. This in spite of Swedish criminal codes that allow women to retroactively “change their mind” about having consented to sex and arbitrarily accuse sex partners of rape at a later time (which I believe is the tactic they’re using against Assange). From what I read, the woman asked them repeatedly to stop and let her go but was too terrified to physically resist and suffered a complete psychological breakdown.

    It’s also implausible that she would have willingly consented to sex with five/six unknown men immediately after meeting them.

    The DA also claimed it wasn’t gang rape because “the men took turns.”

    The assault went on most of the night. After she got out of there she went to the police immediately.

    The “mob” that “attacked” the asylum center consisted of about 100-200 local residents who mainly stood around outside and did nothing. Some of them yelled insults and threats. If any serious rock throwing or whatnot took place it’s news to me.

    The national government was so terrified it sent special police squads to “protect” the refugees. This while serious crimes throughout Sweden are routinely ignored by police because they have no resources to do anything more than run from spot to spot trying to keep the ongoing undeclared civil war at a low boil.

    The local police boss wrote a statement in the media scolding the protestors for being misguided and ignorant. The mayor of the island criticized the protestors for being divisive and threatening the wonderful multicultural community they had worked so hard to create (said diversity consisting of refugees dumped on the island without the consent of the people who live there).

    The victim’s lawyer is part of the problem. In interviews he refuses to identify the ethnicity of the rapists, and implies that Swedes are just as criminal as immigrants are.

    The rapists have been removed to the mainland and will apparently face no consequences for their actions.

    So it’s business as usual, keep your eyes shut, nothing to see here. Swedish leaders and politicians have disappeared it like they always do.

    A Gofundme-style account has been established for the victim and is receiving a lot of donations. I don’t remember where it is but interested parties can Google it.

    • andycanuck

      Was the victim Swedish or a fellow Moslem, stubb? And thank you for the full story.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Fire that stupid lawyer.

  • Blacksmith

    Pisslam, that is all.

  • moraywatson

    Islam means submission. And muslims are serious about it.

  • BillyHW

    This is how muslims say thank you.

  • Gary

    Imam’s tell the Media they are worried about Backlash by islamophobes that don’t know that rape is sanctioned in the quran as well as pedophilia.

    Justin will be Canada’s 1st Pro-Rape Prime Minister as he plans to bring in another 150,000 pro-sharia homophobic pedophile-friendly Sunni muslims in the guise of refugees.

  • xavier

    Here’s a suggestion. Arm the citizens to the teeth. The scum try to organize multicultural festivities, blast them. The scum are so primitive that only seeing their blood and guts spilled on the street will calm them down. Then we deport the rest

  • Hard Little Machine

    The government highlights this as a good reason for expanded euthanasia of the handicapped.