ISIS to Enemies: If You Approach We’ll Kill Yazidi Sex Slaves

Facing further territorial losses, ISIS says it will kill its Yazidi sex slaves if coalition forces come any closer.

Islamic State is holding the women in a series of homes in al-Hakne, a village on the Tigris river in northern Iraq. Coalition forces have already taken the other side of the river and are threatening the ISIS stronghold.

  • Nothing says Islam like killing sex slaves.

    What a great religion.

    Muslims everywhere should be proud.

    • xavier

      Yup. My view is send in killer hunter units with snipers and take out the scum one at a time and scare the hell out of them.
      After all, Islamic warfare is to actualize the estachon (i.e. bring heaven on earth) so let’s break their spirit

      • H

        It can’t be broken, not in most cases. They are fanatical ideologues, completely and passionately committed to their cause (something Westerners are definitely not). The only way to defeat them is to destroy their will to fight is to destroy them physically.

      • Slickfoot The Deplorable

        Using the dreaded Vulcan Mindfuk as perfected by western special forces… take the gloves off, let the SEALS, SAS et al terrorize them, they’re really good at it.

  • There was a comment from ABC’s moderator Martha Radditz when she was inserting herself into the Trump/Clinton debate on Sunday that I think most people missed, but was highly significant. Highly significant because I think it reveals for the first time the rationale of the Left about military intervention re: ISIS.

    Radditz stated the reason she opposed Trump’s approach of “surprising the enemy” and not announcing his intentions to the enemy, is because announcing your intentions at least gives a chance for civilians to escape. I thought about Radditz’s statement over the past 24 hours and realized how flawed it was on a number of levels — her “humanitarianism” is seriously misguided.

    The article in this post is a case in point — if ISIS knows you are coming they certainly aren’t going to allow civilians to escape. The Islamists are going to use innocent civilians as “human shields” as they always have. Trump’s “element of of surprise” is not only advisable militarily, but it’s critical from a humanitarian point of view.

    • mobuyus

      Maybe martha dreams that she will be raped last if she virtue signals the enemy enough.

      • vimy

        Somehow I think she will want to be first in line……..

        • mobuyus

          And take a few more turns.

      • I know you’re being a bit sarcastic, but you hit the nail on the head with the verb “signal”. Because that’s precisely what Obama, and Hillary and the Left media have been doing over the years — signalling the enemy by going public with everything (and as far as I’m concerned it’s treason: “loose lips sink ships”). Putting ideas into the Islamists heads about what Westerners are sensitive about, and hence arming the Islamists with psychological warfare fodder against us.

        A classic example is when Hillary publicly smeared Trump last year by accusing him of inspiring a terrorist recruitment video (it didn’t work so now she is accusing him of being in cahoots with Russia).

        Anyway, long story short, BCF did yeoman’s work and actually got a copy of the entire terrorist recruitment video, which had been pulled from circulation. And with cursory analysis of the embedded media info I was able to demonstrate that portions of the video had in fact been edited AFTER Hillary’s public allegations against Trump, not before. Hillary was essentially signalling the enemy about how to make their recruitment videos to benefit her campaign which everybody (including the terrorists) already knows is soft on terrorism. The Obama administration was also saying at the time that the biggest threat to the world was Global Warming, not Islamic terrorism. “Coincidentally” the edited terrorist recruitment video covered many of the important points of Hillary’s campaign — racism, bad cops, BLM, etc., etc.

        Hillary signals the enemy, and it’s not just “virtue signalling”, I think it’s a form of intelligence signalling giving them an advantage on the psychological warfare front.

  • Barrington Minge

    Sadly, to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs.

  • Arm Christians AND Yazidis.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    Let them know the snipers are out there with their ammo greased in lard.(pig fat)
    Then send them videos of pink mist rising. Play their game, they’re supersticious dickheads. It will get to them.

    • Interestingly, some of the Western volunteers fighting alongside the Kurds are already doing that — I remember watching video of soldiers soaking bullets in pigs blood before going out on their mission for the day. Being shot with a bullet tainted with pigs blood means you don’t make it to paradise — martyrdom thwarted.

      Another thing that freaks them out is armed confrontation with the Kurd/Peshmerga female units. Being shot by a woman is the ultimate humiliation — they are terrified of encountering the female units.