Apocalypse Or Bust: The Battle For Dabiq

The town of Dabiq, in northern Syria, around 25 miles from Aleppo, with its population of just under 3,500, is an unimpressive site for a battle that is supposed to herald the Apocalypse.

Yet, according to the Hadith (a collection of reports about the sayings and doings of the Prophet Muhammad), that is exactly what will happen: According to Abu Hurayrah, a companion of Muhammad, the prophet said, “the Last Hour would not come until the Romans land at al-A’maq or in Dabiq. An army consisting of the best of the people of the earth at that time will come from Medina [to defeat them].”

Dabiq is central to the highly sophisticated propaganda operation of the extremist group Islamic State (IS).

  • BillyHW

    I prayed for plague, but it never came. Do you think there really is a God?

  • Barrington Minge

    And why should we believe anything this third rate so called “prophet” had to say? It’s like listening to Mickey Mouse saying “it ain’t over ’til the mouse says so”

  • canminuteman

    If this is the case it would be an ideal time to fire a cruise missile with a nuclear warhead and turn the town into a glass parking lot.

  • simus1

    Putin dropped in to play a few hands of poker with erdogan.


  • Hard Little Machine

    Pitch the keys over your should and let them rape kill and eat each other to the last one standing.